A Pantheon of Holy Cows

A brilliant column by Harish Khare in The Hindu (quite certainly one of the most sober, eloquent and insightful columnists in the country today) is a must read. It's a reflection on the World Cup disaster and why an emotion-crazed nation cannot expect the world to lower its standards to cater to the Indian team's mediocrity. No one could possible accuse Mr Khare of half-baked views. Khare's true craft is his remarkable ability to use the metaphor of the immediate subject if his column to investigate the Indian condition at large. I have read Khare for years, and not once has this exercise ended without insight. Anyway, the reason I mention his column today is a chance reference he makes to DRDO (!). Make what you will of it. I already have:

"We are happy to create a pantheon of holy cows and then ensure that no questions are asked about them. For instance, it would be impermissible (if the brand manufacturers have their way) for anyone to propose that Sachin Tendulkar is too old to lead our 2011 World Cup campaign. Or, we would invite the charge of treason if we were to ask a few hard questions of our scientists in the Defence Research and Development Organisation. And, it would definitely be sedition if we were to ask the Atomic Energy Commission to explain the massive gap between its promises and its performance."

Excerpt ©The Hindu

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