Friday, May 04, 2007

Indian Hawk Soars in Tippy Grey!

Check out this beautiful photograph of the BAe Hawk (HT004 I think) in the skies. Found it on the BAe site, but it totally looks superimposed. Nevermind. Slick pic.


Jagan said...

Shiv, You are right. I think it is a superimposed picture. I think I have seen this picture in a magazine earlier, then touted as an artist's interpretation. Anandeep would know more


Srirangan said...

Ye, definitely PSed.

Shiv Aroor said...

the tippy grey throws up the Hawk's secondary role question. any ideas?

Anonymous said...

shiv even if the pic is superimposed, it looks slick....and how do you know its superimposed....but you really get good pix for you blog...where from....they are as beautiful as you look so confident and smart in front of teh camera....I've seen you in Headlines....all you stories are great, just as they were in Express....You look so handsome on TV, just like a star


Anonymous said...

can I have your ph no.

Anonymous said...


here is the real pictures of the Hawk in iaf markings and light grey cameo ,you can also see RAF markings so that it can fly in uk for testing


Anonymous said...

oops link doesn't seems to appear here is the short link to the picture


Zero said...


More bad news for you

TAC C3I for Indian Army with CAIR

8 May, 2007 (FIDSNS)

In an exclusive to Frontier India Defence and Strategic News Service (FIDSNS),the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) a unit of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) elaborated its successes with Indian Army on Tactical C3 I deployments.

For the first time revealed to FIDSNS that Indian Army had held “Excercise Parikshan” and “Excercise Akrosh” using “SAMVAHAK” which is a Integrated Command Information Decisions Support Systems (CIDSS) for Indian Army commanders.

Indian Army is now inducting a Wireless Message Transfer Unit (WMTU) with modified Stars V Radio with a data rate of 16/19.2 KBPS. WMTU enables transmission of IP packets over wired and wireless media using Mil Std 188-220 A protocol. It provides connectivity to mobile clients for accessing network resources. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is currently producing 136 WMTU systems in its Bangalore unit.

Indian Army has also successfully tested “SANJAY” situation assesment tool as a part of Battlefield Surveillance System (BSS).

These efforts are a part of Tactical Command Control Communication and Intelligence system (TAC C3I) for the Indian Army. SAMVAHAK and SANJAY have robust information security features.

Information security solutions like firewall, IP ecurity and secure emails are also provided to sensitive departments of Government of India with CAIR developed products.

Jagan said...

Shiv, check this out IAF Hawk on Flickr
Now this one is a beaut

Idont know who the original copyright holder is, but do a search on indian air force on flickr and this turns up.