Update on Arjun MBT

The Army's Director General Mechanised Forces (DGMF) Lt Gen Daulat Singh Shekhawat was at Avadi today to firm up dates for user trials of nine production series tanks incorporating the corrections effected after the Ashwamedh exercise in Rajasthan.

The last official statement by the government on the Arjun, on August 29 after the exercises was as follows: "Government has detected some major defects in the Main Battle Tank 'Arjun' during the course of its field trial.   The main defects noticed during trials by Army were related to failure of piston rods of hydro pneumatic Suspension Unit, Gunner Main Sight & Gun Control System.   These defects were noticed during the trials in 2005 and 2006.  The cause of defects have been analysed and corrective action has been taken to eliminate the defect.   Defect related to premature warning of Air filter of the engine fitted in MBT Arjun was noticed during the trial in 2005. The cause of the defect was analysed and rectified in consultation with the specialists from Germany, Belgium and France. The remedial measures have been implemented at the production stage. "

I will be doing a special half-hour report on the Arjun MBT from CVRDE and HVF, Avadi, which I am visiting between September 28-29. The show will be on Headlines Today next week (will post the schedule her once it's confirmed).