Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update on Arjun MBT

The Army's Director General Mechanised Forces (DGMF) Lt Gen Daulat Singh Shekhawat was at Avadi today to firm up dates for user trials of nine production series tanks incorporating the corrections effected after the Ashwamedh exercise in Rajasthan.

The last official statement by the government on the Arjun, on August 29 after the exercises was as follows: "Government has detected some major defects in the Main Battle Tank 'Arjun' during the course of its field trial.   The main defects noticed during trials by Army were related to failure of piston rods of hydro pneumatic Suspension Unit, Gunner Main Sight & Gun Control System.   These defects were noticed during the trials in 2005 and 2006.  The cause of defects have been analysed and corrective action has been taken to eliminate the defect.   Defect related to premature warning of Air filter of the engine fitted in MBT Arjun was noticed during the trial in 2005. The cause of the defect was analysed and rectified in consultation with the specialists from Germany, Belgium and France. The remedial measures have been implemented at the production stage. "

I will be doing a special half-hour report on the Arjun MBT from CVRDE and HVF, Avadi, which I am visiting between September 28-29. The show will be on Headlines Today next week (will post the schedule her once it's confirmed).


Sniperz11 said...


Either you are masterfully manipulative, or totally ignorant... you have said that the detects were detected during Ashwamedh. The press release says otherwise, and clearly states that the defects were detected during trials in 2005-06. No mention of Ashwamedh.

Next time, read the releases correctly.

Shiv Aroor said...

sniperz. either you're ludicrously paranoid, or just plain challenged. read my first para again, bro/sis. i haven't said the defects were detected during ashwamedh. i have said the corrections were effected after ashwamedh, as they indeed were. next time, read my posts a little more carefully.

sniperz11 said...

Nice Comeback Shiv :-). Still, I disagree. Your reply is just arguing semantics.

the press release is at

As you can see, the defects were detected in 2005. Is it possible that these defects were left to fester for 2 years, and then suddenly solved withing months after Ashwamedh... sounds unlikely, considering how important ashwamedh was to the Arjun. Just because the press release came after Ashwamedh need not mean that it was fixed after Ashwamedh.

P.S. No need to call me sis

Abhiman said...

On a slightly offtopic note, I may also say that there has been a marked change in my reading habits also. I sometimes read selected sections of a news report/article only. I also comprehended the same thing as sniperz11, but I was corrected by the opening line.

This age of Instant gratification has reduced the patience threshold to a bare minimum.

I repeat that this offtopic post was only a passing observation to the misinterpretation of the report as done by sniperz11.


Anonymous said...

How did the visit to HVF go?
Any tit bits for us?

Shiv Aroor said...

anon: it was an excellent, most educative visit! i was there for two days -- both at the CVRDE and the HVF at Avadi. will be producing a half-hour special on the MBT Arjun for Headlines Today (will post the time and day soon).. but will write on all the other stuff here on LiveFist soon.

Shiv Aroor said...

Incidentally, the "accelerated usage-cum-reliability trials are slated for mid October at the MFFR". all fingers crossed at CVRDE and HVF.

Anonymous said...

mr .shiv can you just tell me what exactly is your assessment of ARJUN's performance? one day it appears in the news " army is satisifed with arjun"....the next day quite opposite appears in the press. Where does MBT ARJUN stands as of now?