What's in the C-130Js we're getting?

Sorry to bore you all with another post on the C-130J! Word just in that the final FMS contract for six C-130J Super Hercules aircraft (to be signed very shortly) will carry the full configuration that India initially demanded, a configuration that was listed on paper when the Pentagon made its first notification to US Congress on May 25 this year with a predictive cost of $1.059 billion. Anyway, I'm posting that original demand list here for the record:

* 6 Lockheed Martin C-130J United States Air Force (USAF) baseline aircraft including USAF baseline equipment
* 4 Rolls Royce AE 2100D3 spare engines
* 8 AAR-47 Missile Warning Systems (two of them spares)
* 8 AN/ALR-56M Advanced Radar Warning Receivers (two of them spares)
* 8 AN/ALE-47 Counter-Measures Dispensing Systems (two of them spares)
* 8 AAQ-22 Star SAFIRE III Special Operations Suites (two of them spares)
* 8 ALQ-211 Suite of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures (two of them spares)
* 2 spare AN/ARC-210 Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems (SINCGARS)
* 8 spare Secure Voice Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency Radios
* 4 spare Secure Voice High Frequency Radios
* 3 spare AN/AAR-222 SINCGARS and Key Gen (KV-10) Systems
* 1 KIV-119 Non-standard Communication/COMSEC equipment
* 2 ARC-210 Non-standard Communication/COMSEC equipment

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