Nouveau Shield

A nice piece on the PAD-AAD system by Raj Chengappa in the current issue of India Today. Here it is:

In the summer of 2012, the rollercoaster relations between India and Pakistan suddenly go steeply downhill. Terrorists had launched a successful attack on the Indian Parliament, killing two Union cabinet ministers and 12 MPs. Pakistan’s hand is clearly proven and, after a month, India goes to war. Pakistan threatens to use nuclear weapons if India doesn’t stop the invasion. As Indian troops close in on Lahore, Pakistan launches a barrage of nuclear-tipped Ghauris to strike Delhi.

In the past, such an attack would have meant certain death and destruction for Delhi. But by that year, India is equipped with a sophisticated ground-based anti-ballistic missile system (ABM). The ABM system’s long-range radar detects the barrage of Ghauri missiles within 30 seconds of lift-off. Five minutes later and 80 km above Delhi, the ABM batteries launch a set of interceptor missiles to strike them down. Four of Pakistan’s Ghauri missiles are blown up and their fragments fall harmlessly. But two of them evade detection and head for the capital... (Click to read full article)

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