Praful Bidwai on DRDO....

Surfed in onto a column on ballistic missile defence by the usually redoubtable Praful Bidwai in Khaleej Times. Here's an excerpt where he talks about DRDO:

"On December 6, India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) fired an interceptor to destroy a Prithvi missile launched five minutes earlier. In November 2006, the DRDO had used a modified Prithvi to intercept another Prithvi. It boasts that it can develop a fully indigenous BMD shield in three years.

These claims must be taken with a pinch of salt — and not just because Israeli radars were used in the latest test. The DRDO's record inspires no confidence. All its major projects, including the Main Battle Tank, Light Combat Aircraft, and Advanced Technology Vessel (nuclear-powered submarine) have failed in some measure or other — sinking thousands of crores. Its missile programme too has run into serious difficulties.

Hoo boy!

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