Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Praful Bidwai on DRDO....

Surfed in onto a column on ballistic missile defence by the usually redoubtable Praful Bidwai in Khaleej Times. Here's an excerpt where he talks about DRDO:

"On December 6, India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) fired an interceptor to destroy a Prithvi missile launched five minutes earlier. In November 2006, the DRDO had used a modified Prithvi to intercept another Prithvi. It boasts that it can develop a fully indigenous BMD shield in three years.

These claims must be taken with a pinch of salt — and not just because Israeli radars were used in the latest test. The DRDO's record inspires no confidence. All its major projects, including the Main Battle Tank, Light Combat Aircraft, and Advanced Technology Vessel (nuclear-powered submarine) have failed in some measure or other — sinking thousands of crores. Its missile programme too has run into serious difficulties.

Hoo boy!


Buradiah said...

What about your views Shiv? Do you belive in his assesment or....

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think it is an "assessment"?
In the eyes of Mr.Pradul Bidwai,if "success" is defined by making everything inhouse,(although it does not even matter India never had the capability in the first place), there would only two nation on the planet who can claim that.

And yeah the radar Mr.Bidwai is claiming to be Israel is developed by Raytheon. My goodness Mr.Bidwai doesn't Israel have even a bit of shame calling Greenpine as their own! May be he should write a report on Israel as well.


Buradiah said...


I undestand "indigenous" means different things to different people. I read the complete article and was just soliciting the opinion of Shiv on the "assessment" of Praful(he is after all analyst), as Shiv is more knowledgeble on defence.

Really its intriguing the PAD aspect and all of sudden declaration of success ala neighbour-production ready!


Anonymous said...

If Mr.Bidwai was really good at "assessment reports",he would not have missed the woods for the trees.
The recent AAD test was not just about shooting down an incoming missile. The spin off that could evolve out of it are tremendous. The detection and kill loop demonstrated by the test is more important than where the radar came from. India has a detection capability and shooting down of a warhead at 15 km i.e almost 3-4 sec before it reaches the target. A fast reaction system.
Isn't that something more important. A little modification of this system with a net centric concept and you a defense system against the Paki cruise missiles. The most important threat from Paki will blunted.
All this where India has spend only 600 million on entire Stragetic program for the past two decades. Compare this with the recent Jap test which 55 million!


Jimmy said...

omg dude, bidwai is the biggest media cretin in india today.

he hates weapons, he hates drdo, he fulminates against the evil fascist reactionary forces in the govt who spend money on weapons.

he even wants drdo to be wound up and india to embrace non violence.

and you are quoting him with approval, lol!

i met him at delhi a few years back, typical commie fool who keeps ranting against reactionary communal forces and says that india can be saved by the left and left alone.

dont you guys know who bidwai is?

will you quote arundhati roy on drdo next?

Anonymous said...

jimmy, forget it- DRDOs recent Akash success is a slap on Aroors face. so was the AAD test and slowly these bikau media types are realising what DRDO is capable of, but they are still too arrogant to admit they were wrong. enjoy the fun my friend, enjoy the fun.... <:-)>

Abhiman said...

Mr. Aroor, Mr. Praful Bidwai is an activist against nuclear weapons, proliferation, ballistic missiles, etc. Thus, it is unclear why he opposes BMDs, though they must destroy nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, that can kill millions of people.

Praful Bidwai is a known communist sympathizer and 'secularist' also. It can be noted how he mentions in the article that "India" opposed ABM shields for 60 years, but "BJP-ruled India" he claims, 'welcomed' a pro-ABM agreement.
Often in his writings, he has pointed out what he calls, "India's hypocricy" on nuclear weapons since the past few decades; however, he doesn't term it as "Congress-ruled India's" hypocrisy.

Perhaps the most unclear aspect about him maybe that although he has firmly taken a stand on nuclear weapons, missiles (ballistic or otherwise) and is an acclaimed peace activist, in numerous articles, he has often adjectively criticized the BARC and DRDO for 'failures and delays'.

Thank you.

Buradiah said...

Is it necessary to typecast someone's opinion as "communist", "secular" "Anti-Communal" etc. Can't we just refute him by punching holes in whatever a person say rather than Pigeonholing him.

Nithin, Thanks for the reply indeed the possibilities are endless as you say..... without the tidbits of radar. But my point of contention, indeed surprise, is unlike the never ending trilas of Nag, astra.... these have been declared succes so quickly...........wonder where the confidence stemming from!!!

Anonymous said...

If DRDO carries out a test to validate something and it succeeds, would it be something of a surprise that DRDO is confident it can build an ABM system?
As far I have read the numerous news reports,now where has the chief of DRDO has mentioned that the ABM is up and running.
He has clearly stated that it will completely developed by 2010. Hence it is beyond me why people take this as "over confident"?
If DRDO has planned a series of test till 2010 and if they do succeed, what else do someone to say that ABM has been developed?

The comparison with Nag or Astra is irrelevant. Agni, ABM are strategic assets. They are more important than spending efforts on anti tank missiles or AAM. If you are the head of DRDO and you have choose where to allocate the best people, where would place it? Would you be bother about success of Nag or getting a ABM system ready? It is a simple concept of priority.
ABM tests are open to the Indian public.There is nothing to hide.I think DRDO is being fair by being confident that a ABM system will be in place.
And the kinds of Bidwai etc.. will keep complaining about thing like "IA is not happy with the paint on it's trucks!"

Abhiman said...

Mr Aroor, Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect about journalists who have communist sympathies in India may be that subtly or not, they tend to be critical of iconic personalties not only needlessly, but also in a manner that may invite communal disharmony.

The following is an excerpt from his article, "Missile man as India's President", in which he criticizes Dr. Kalam's nomination for the President in 2002 :-

"Mr Kalam has only two public faces: devotion to militarism, and his image as a Muslim, which fits the stereotype constructed by the Hindu-chauvinist core of India's present ruling coalition, represented by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Unlike most Indians, and the vast majority of Indian Muslims, Mr Kalam is a vegetarian. He believes more in Hindu scriptures than the Koran. He takes pride in knowing Sanskrit but no Urdu. He plays the rudra verna and reads the Bhagwad-Gita.

His first face is the more important of the two. But the second is not unrelated to it. The Hindu-sectarian BJP is totally militaristic in its outlook, and wants Muslims to "Indianise" themselves, i.e. adopt "Hindu" (read Brahmanical upper-caste) ways. Its anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan ideology is closely connected with its obsession with nuclear weapons and missiles.

It may be reminded that the above is from a Prize-wining activist on Peace and nuclear non-proliferation. No arguments can be put against what is clearly a "dangerous" effort to link or match militarism and Hinduism.

As we have discussed earlier, he has often criticized BARC and DRDO for 'failures', despite being against weapons - nuclear or otherwise. He further states that, and I quote :-

"In India, jingoism and militarist nationalism have made the MIC a holy cow.

In this respect, Mr Kalam represents the seamy, undemocratic side of the Complex. His elevation as President will put the terrible stamp of militarisation on India's highest office.

We must be glad that Mr. Bidwai's prediction has not only proven false, but has actually backfired, as exactly the reverse has happened. Dr. Kalam has been said to be one of India's greatest Presidents, the most visible President, the most pro-active one (who met lakhs of children, answered many queries on e-mail), and one who was honoured by foreign nations (Switzerland named a Science Day in his Honour).

I may request you to not post Mr. Praful Bidwai's articles, as they have an agenda other than military or his stated position, besides of course, being often inaccurate and proven incorrect

Thank you.

Reference :-

Anonymous said...


Great! Now advocate banning and censorship, if it isn't enough to straitjack people. How about banning/exiling them like MF Hussain and importing more Nasreens, to suit our taste???

Buradiah said...

You are right to a certain extent about priorities, but I was drawing your attention to the Production ready statement of Mr.Sarawat after just one test.

Where is Aroor went leaving us with the teaser, without his comments. Aroor, we know you have a say.............but how long you keep us guessing?? Is the maal that was supposed to come with Greenpine coming through "consultancy" (whatever the new curreny is called) route!!

Abhiman, I know you are the last "Nationalist" and certenly not commie, but can you take your anger somwhere else.....if have nothing on AAD

Anonymous said...

Praful Bidwai is one character who puts ideological considerations before truth and journalistic integrity(especially when the facts inconvenience his line of thoughts). And you call him redoubtable? Made me laugh, that one..

Abhiman said...

Buradiah, Dr. Saraswat has stated clearly that the BMD system shall be deployed after 3 years and not immediately.

DRDO has purchased the basic radar system from Israel (called as Swordfish). All the software and other necessary electronic systems for the same have been developed in India.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


DRDO purchased a barebanoe radar for what? to comply with the set quota of importing certain percentage!!! There is limit for absurity, if DRDO can have all the critical software and electronics, there is no need to import.

Ofcourse all you say is true if you are from DRDO!!

Anonymous said...

Praful bidwai is a traitor. India has the right to nuke weapons. Jay jawan.