EXCLUSIVE: The Dark Truth About BrahMos (Coming soon)

On February 12, Russian prime minister Viktor Zubkov will land in India to inaugurate the Year of Russia, in India. The undertone of his visit will be meetings between a CEO delegation accompanying him and Indian business chambers. The two sides have said they would like to carry forward military-commercial relations on the BrahMos model.

Consider those last three words: the BrahMos model. It's something that's been used (including by me in past reports) to define an ideal. An equation that every Indo-Russian deal should emulate. A model that all development should draw inspiration from. A format that should become a touchstone ad nauseum for all joint development assignments that the DRDO and DPSUs take up. It's something that's been drilled into our heads. The success story. But is the BrahMos programme really a success? There's no doubting one thing -- the BrahMos is a superb missile, probably the best in its class. But, in the next few days, LiveFist will lay out the truth about the BrahMos programme for what it really is.

In the course of the series, the following will be demonstrated: the uncannily positive publicity that the BrahMos programme has received thus far is a carefully orchestrated game, not a massively benign coincidence. The nastiness under the surface between India and Russia over BrahMos. Moscow's arm-twisting. The ominous possibility of massive commission/ommission. The truth behind Russia's reluctance to even consider inducting BrahMos. Are the spin-offs for private industry worth the effort and money? Who are these "friendly countries" that India and Russia have identified and on what basis are they "friendly"? Will the BrahMos-2 go down the same road? These and a lot more. The series begins any time over the next couple of days, so do stay tuned.

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