Sunday, February 17, 2008

Images from Def Expo 2008

From top: Akash SAM; BrahMos air-launched variant; DRDO AAD interceptor missile; NAMICA (Nag missile carrier); Pinaka MBRL

Photographs Copyright & by Shiv Aroor


Anonymous said...

good photoos, Shiv Aroor Sir

where did you get them from

Prashanth said...

Nice pics..can you add captions to tell us what we're looking at? I'm curious about the box of sharpened pencils at the end :)

p.s. Nokia 5130?? eeks.

Anonymous said...

Terrible pictures. You can't write, you cant use your brains and you can't use a camera. Why the heck you claim to be a journalist?

Anonymous said...

LOL at last anon, well said sir, well said. ouch for aroor though.

aroor, the resolution of those images is junk and the positioning is pathetic. you can surely do better.

Anonymous said...

prashanth, that box of sharpened pencils is the pinaka. those launchers are made by tata power and l&t (40 each) and the rockets by ordnance factory board.

Shiv Aroor said...

anons: yeah i know the rez sucks. these are the first ever pix i took from my new phone (the first phone i've ever had with a camera!). prash: yes, it's the 5310. pretty crappy camera. i took these while rushing past the outdoor display. and either way, at the best of times, my pix i know are very very amateurish, so there it is! i hope to learn a bit more about taking good photos though. maybe some of you can give me some tips.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Shiv,

I think the pix are just great and not easy to make out whether they're from a camera or a phone.....and please dont listen to these 'choots' who are jealous of you.....and guys if you cant understand the difference between pencils and rockets then pl dont visit this space.....bloody idiots

Good photos, good display, good info, good blog.

Gaata, keep the good work going Shiv.

Anonymous said...

The pics are good. It cannot get any better. If some clowns want a better quality, they can go to the DEFEXPO themselves.

Anonymous said...

Some people here have their brain resolution very similar to shiv's nokia picture resolution.

Shiv, you want to improve?
First get a camera. Thats the basics.

Shoot the pic with complete equipment in view with the central focus on the critical component.

Look at your Brahmos tail pic. Unless there was something critical and you would hve added an caption, it would have made sense.

Consider the lightining around and possibility of a reflection from the obkect to be pictured.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whiners - If you dont like the pics then go elsewhere. Party crappers will go ooh and aah at lousy pictures taken by a Mobile phone but are too hot headed to acknowledge decent photos when they see one.

As someone said, if you dont like the pictures, then go to Defexpo yourself.