Barak To Square One

Ok, so arms dealer Suresh Nanda and his wayward offspring Sanjeev (the chicken-sh!t BMW hit and run chap) have been taken in by the CBI. They're in custody under investigation for kickbacks in the Barak missile deal, signed in March 2004 by the NDA government. They were intercepted and arrested along with an income tax official and their chartered accountant this morning in Mumbai. It's amazing how pliant the governments are with Israel despite filth bubbling up in virtually every deal we sign with them -- Barak, SpyDer, Phalcon, what next? In October 2006, when the CBI chargesheet first came out on the Barak case, I'd done an "Anatomy of the Deal" piece in the Express. Thought I'd put it up here for the record of the deal so far:

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