Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Never-before images from the Longewala Air Battle

Just watched Hunters at Dawn, a documentary on the Longewala air battle by Rohan Cowasjee, given to me by my friend, Mail Today correspondent Suman Sharma. If you haven't seen it, please do -- it's superb. It's full of never-before-seen footage. I'm posting some stills of the Hawker Hunter from the film from footage that the IAF released for the first time to the filmmaker for this film. The stock clips in the public domain have always been carefully released. These haven't been published before the film came out. The film is also full of interviews with all the famous battle's dramatis personae, including Bawa, Chandpuri, Tully, Hingorani and others. Enjoy the photos, and do try and get a copy of the film. It's a must see. Also, thought it's a good time to put these pictures up, considering the brouhaha over who won Longewala!


Jagan said...

Thanks Shiv, It is great to know that more and more filmmakers are coming forward to do historical documentaries on the IAF and other post 47 battles of the armed forces. Just the other day I saw the video on Air Cmde Mehar Singh on Google Vide.

On the other hand I find it surprising that more publicity was not given to films like these - I heard about this film only recently and intend to look it up soon. Full points to the film makers for taking such initiatives.

Ice Cool said...

i share the same opinion as jagan... i take my hats off to the film maker for taking these efforts...
I would also request shiv auroor to mention his source of the movie/ video.. So that others who are interested can watch it...

raghu said...

dont get me wrong..but i have never heard of it!
can you plz..post a youtube link or tel lme how to get acopy of the movie..am interested !

btw..your blog is just awesome..
factual ..thought provoking!!!

congrats on this kik ass effort..;-)

MumbaiWala said...

I have searched a lot for this film but couldnt find any source to buy/rent it
Anyone know where to get it from?

ayesha said...

Thank you shiv... these pics helped me a lot

Jagan said...

Just a note for anyone trying to get a copy of this film. Video CDs are available at the Gift Shop at the IAF Museum at Palam Airport, New Delhi. They are priced at Rs250/-. But note it is the VCD Version. Not the DVD version.

Anonymous said...

I think these is a great look in to the Past. But we need to gain that Power back I am talking about Mind Power in key locations after talking to high post Indian Army Men on my travel North in trains and Buses I found out out facility lack the right modern planing to deploy Large numbers of ultra modern equipment and troops at a quick respond where our enemies have detail files on our Officers and there Army Test score.

After saying all this I do not think we are not the best but it takes us more then first and second gab to dominate the battle field I hope we modernize out facility quickly to gain dominance on both east and west front.

jb said...

Dear Mr. Shiv :

I have just read your post today, through some other cross-reference.

Would you be kind enough top let me know how I can order / buy the DVD version of this wonderful film ? I am basically looking for the contact E-Mail / other details of the producer.

Please be good enough to send me this information at :


My thanks in advance,

Yours sincerely,

Jay Bhattacharjee

Col.Kaul said...

A Great Job Done.

I must have read Battle of Laungewala by Maj Gen Atma Singh atleast four times.

I was in tears when read the conversation on Page 70 between then Sqn Ldr Das and Flt Lt Ramesh, wherein Ramesh congratulates Das as "Congratulations, direct hit" and then a doubt is raised by Das, boldly clarified by then Capt Sangha, leading to total air smashing of 23 Pak Tanks in just 6 hrs, so boldly ensured by then Mah Atma.

I salute all the Fighter Pilots then Sqn Ldr/ Flt Lt Das, Gosain, Bali, Yadav, Tully, Suresh, Jagbir and Kapur, and so well supported by then Maj Atma and Capt Snagha and all ooficers and men of then No.12 (Indep) Air OP Flight.

I think Gen Atma has done a great justice to the Indian Army and the Air Force by bringing out this book and creating a History thus.

God Bless One and All.

Col S Kaul
Security Technologist and Author
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