Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brand New Gripen Photos!

These are brand new Gripen photos. The first two photographs are the inaugural pair of Gripens handed over to the South African Air Force on April 7, 2008, and the last two are the Gripen's Meteor BVR missile firing test taken in March 2008. These Swedish aircraft designers are Michelangelos. Every last one of them.

Photos 1 & 2: ©Copyright 2008 Frans Dely / Gripen International, Photo 3: ©Copyright 2008 MBDA, Photo 4: ©Copyright 2008 Anders Ã…berg / Vidsel Test Range


Anonymous said...

Hello shiv,
Can u throw some light on the current status of the Il-38Sd planes?? whats their current status, whether all the planes were accepted or are they still short of their up-gradation. And the some info on the suite thats installed in them?

Prashanth said...

What's with this pathetic rez?? I can't use this as my wallpaper man, cmon! :)

Mihir said...

What a beauty the Gripen is!

Anonymous said...

wow. the meteor photo is brilliant. what was the target? if we buy gripen for the mrca, will we get the meteor as well? i have heard it is a brilliant bvr.

Anonymous said...

dude, time to write some useful articles. enough pictures of foreign products & articles from other sources.

Anonymous said...

Ya.....I agree with last anon

Ankur said...


I liked the pictures a lot. Really looking forward to the series and potentially your views on the birds.

However, it would be nice to get some indication when your next posts might be and the possible content.

Thanks in advance!

Shiv Aroor said...

ankur: so sorry! been tied up with some work! just returned from hyderabad. will be posting from tomorrow on the new phalcon deal, brahmos (a little known twist plus photos from the andaman test) and a whole lot more. received my copy of air marshal rajkumar's book on the LCA. will review that and post some of the best parts up as well.

Ankur said...

Shiv, glad to hear it! Hope Hyderabad was nice.

Really looking forward to all the promised material!


Ankur said...

Shiv: Looking forward to your articles!

I found this fantastic little link on BR:

Could you possibly look into how the DRDO has cited the following reasons for not taking on a private partner for the development of our AWACS:

"not being able to take manpower from outside the DRDO to work on the project, and the levels of commitment and materials."

Why the hell can't they take on manpower, given how much they are hemorrhaging? Who is more committed than the profit seeking firm? They have deep pockets, so why the lack of materials?

These reasons seem weak, and before I make up my mind, I want to know if there is something deeper to the issue.

Anonymous said...

hipeople this is a great forum hope im welcome :)