INS Kesari (Shardul-class) to be commissioned on April 5

INS Kesari (see photos), the Navy's latest amphibious vessel of the Shardul-class will be commissioned into service on April 5 at the IN Jetty at Naval Base, Vizag. The GRSE-built vessel is the second in the Shardul-series of landing ships. I was at INS Kadamba, Karwar in January 2007 when INS Shardul was inducted. Here's the rest of what the Navy sent out today on the induction:

Kesari is the Fourth LST (L) of the Indian Navy and second of the Shardul class. She is a further upgrade on the basic Magar Class (the First LST (L)) in her suite of weapons, sensors and indigenous content. The ship can carry 11 Main Battle Tanks and 500 Troops at speeds in excess of 16 Knots. Besides undertaking amphibious operations, the ship is a potent assault platform capable of operating both seaking 42C and the indigenous Dhruv helicopters. She is fitted with two indigenous WM 18A Rocket Launchers to support the amphibious operations. The threat from air is dealt with through two indigenous CRN 91 Anti Aircraft Guns mounted on stabilized optronic pedestals and shoulder launched IGLA Surface to Air Missiles. It also has 'soft kill' ability through Chaff Rockets, which can be used to clutter the sensory inputs of an incoming enemy aircraft or missile.

The ship is fitted with Remote Propulsion Control, Battle Damage Control System and Automated Power Management System. These are fully integrated, microprocessor based, digital control systems for providing control and for monitoring ship's machinery and systems. The ship also has a microprocessor based anti-roll Flume Stabilisation System and Smoke Curtains to impede spreading of smoke and toxic gases in case of fire onboard. In addition, the ship can act as a Fleet tanker through stern refueling of other naval vessels and as a hospital ship. The ship is also ideally suited to undertake humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

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