MMRCA Begins: Lockheed-Martin pitches "the most advanced F-16 ever conceived"

Lockheed-Martin's press release today: The U.S. Government, supported by Lockheed Martin, today responded to the Indian Ministry of Defense's Request For Proposal (RFP) for a Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft Program (MMRCA) by proposing the most technologically advanced F-16 ever conceived, uniquely tailored to meet or exceed the requirements of the Indian Air Force.

"No other operational multi role strike fighter in the world today compares to this aircraft," said Orville Prins, Lockheed Martin's Business Development Vice President and MMRCA program Campaign Lead. "The F-16IN is a unique configuration of the F-16, designed to address the requirements specified in India's RFP. The F-16 is already the most reliable, maintainable, affordable and safest multi role fighter in the world. The F-16IN will be even better. This proposal also represents a long-term partnership between the Air Forces of India and the United States and between Indian industry and the F-16 industry team."

The F-16IN has been especially designed to include a multitude of cutting-edge technologies such as a modern, full-color, all-digital, glass cockpit; the APG-80 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar; the GE F110-132A engine for increased, thrust; a large weapons inventory; a highly effective electronic warfare suite; and Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) to significantly extend range and persistence. The aircraft also includes advanced survivability features such as superior agility, excellent pilot situational awareness, and critical systems redundancy. The F-16IN is designed to provide outstanding front-line capability, unprecedented reliability, and an extremely low total cost of ownership.

The F-16IN is an advanced derivative of the most combat proven multi role strike fighter available in the international marketplace today. Twenty-four countries have selected the F-16 as their fighter aircraft of choice, with 14 of those countries selecting the aircraft for follow on buys an unprecedented 52 times.

Lockheed Martin has established four F-16 production lines outside of the United States. Additionally, the Company has successfully achieved more than $37B in offset program credits in 40 countries. A proven cornerstone of these programs is the ability to provide technology transfer to program partners. The F-16IN proposal assures that 108 of the 126 F-16IN aircraft would be delivered from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited under licensed production with Indian industry.

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