The Pay Commission Drums Are Rolling!

Received this mail from Commodore Ranjit Rai (Retd) a few minutes ago. This Pay Commission thing is getting big! Ex-Servicemen who want to hold a peaceful protest against the 6th Pay Commission recommendations at Delhi Boat Club on April 27th have been denied permission to do so by the Home Ministry. They are now up in arms as it were. It's cheesy, but hey, this is about military pay! Check this out:


If thousands of ex-Servicemen March for Pay on 27th like the Dandi March, we will bethe first professional Armed Force to do so. Correct me if I am wrong. I hope the Government can avoid it, as support for the Rally even bythe Navy Foundation is not there and is mixed even amongst us.

The load of emails in my computer has risen by the day as the PayCommission drums roll to 27th. Gen N C Vij has written very well withclear recommendations which has sparked this. I salute him and I amsure our Chiefs have written more and better so that we do not have tomarch on 27th.

But it is time for a Poem now.

My Instructor at Staff College used to tell us Written word isBrandy, Song is Cognac, Poetry is ultimate it is called Aramaic ....Ibought him a book on Mirza Ghalib he enjoyed and so may be, he gaveme Instructor Grading.

I was posted to DSSC but Commandant Gen Sethna flew down to meet hisParsee friend COP Adm Ghandhi and convinced him a UK trained 6 monthStaff College officer will be useless in Wellington. We will have toteach him EX Trishul etc ......his words. So appointment was cancelledand I wrote a poetry to assuage my wife who is from the South and waslooking forward to Wellington. If I had gone the only advantage wouldhave been, I may have played better golf and learnt TRISHUL, what everit is and gone higher.

My Instructor a fine Cdr made the syndicate write poetry in StaffCollege as one exercise and one Appreciation in poetry and marked us.I am sure we do the same in DSSC. It was great fun. So to poetry.


The Armed Forces frustrations and drums are getting louder by the day
They are calling the Government and IAS to judgment, and now's the time to pay
For the accumulated wrongs you've done your forces and their trust betrayed
So hear those drums swelling, hear them well and be afraid.

You all came to power on India’s waves of Independence that you would make your mark,
In a land that shone in Asia like the Kohinoor diamond in the dark.
In simple faith we uniformed people put our trust in your administrative care,
And the Armed Forces were repaid by your wrath and ruled by fear.

Sixty years of political and IAS rule and mis rule and your lavish postings and trips abroad
A nation's military heritage is being lost through your patronage and the Pay Commissions' frauds.

The Chiefs grow fat while mid level others must starve and famine stalks our PBOR.
The drums of anger are beating for the truth is seeping in to the fore.
The IAS have feet of clay and their tricks should not sustain many more
The shattered dreams of the Armed Forces that once seemed bright with RM's unkempt promises should be regained.

For we all know where the finger points with our coldness aimed
So hear the drums on 27th and listen to them well,
They foretell the end of loyal days and they will have much to tell.

For they who sow the seeds of hate will reap the grapes of wrath,
So succumb in your committees Sirs, at the end of this sorry path, with the might of your pen for those who wield the sword.
Both are important for India, the super power

Chidmabaram boasts he has the money and Manmohan is his shower
The pay commission drums are getting louder, hear them coming Masters
Please do not be lulled by our supposed nuclear strength, strategic tie ups and the peace process

To forget 1962, 65 and the Kargil debacles will be at our own distress
It must never be allowed to happen again
The challenge will once again be across our High Himalayas.
Take it with the power of your IAS pen for your own military sword.
Let 27th not happen.

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