Sara Akash

Photo 1: Group Captain SK Verma and Brigadier B Chakravarty inspecting the Akash surface-to-air missile tracked mobile launcher

Photos 2: the Rajendra battery level phased array radar that guides Akash. The radar tracks to 60-km with a range resolution ±30m and the ability to track 20 targets and engage 4 simultaneously. It provides the guidance to 12 missiles against four targets.

Photo 3: The Akash Battery Control Centre (BCC). This is the command and control centre of the Akash. Contains ruggedised computers for radar data processing, weapon control functions and air defence functions. Contains ruggedised radar and missile control stations, raster scan display. Can control upto four missile launchers.

Photo 4: The Akash telemetry truck.

Photo 5: Scientists and technicians explain parts of the launcher to Group Captain SK Verma and Brigadier B Chakravarty at ITR

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