INS Vikramaditya overkill!

A Naval team is currently in Russia for the next phase of negotiations on the Admiral Gorshkov price. Thought it's a good time to post some photos that probably haven't been seen before -- at least some of them. I don't know if anyone's already seen them -- I certainly haven't -- so I'm posting them here. This was Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta's visit to the Sevmash shipyard to inspect the INS Vikramaditya between March 13-19. The important looking Russian gentleman he's with is Sevmash Director General N Kalistratov.

The third photo shows the Indian delegation led by Defence Secretary Vijay Singh to Sevmash a month earlier, right after Russia dropped the bomb about a new price for the Gorshkov. The last few photos have probably been seen, but thought I'd post them anyway -- these are of the Vikramaditya after it was dry-docked. They're all by in-house photographers at the Sevmash yard.

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