Antony warns against overdependence on foreign suppliers while inaugurating new DARE Complex in Bangalore

Press Release from the MoD today: Defence Minister AK Antony today cautioned defence scientists and the Armed Forces to reduce their over-dependence on foreign countries and suppliers for 'cutting edge technologies'. Inaugurating the new complex of the Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) in Bangalore, he said, 'such a tendency may land the country and the Armed Forces in deep trouble in crucial times in the form of import restrictions, technology denial or even undue and unjustified delay in the delivery of already contracted systems or components.' Antony said the government will give all support to the scientists to achieve self-reliance in cutting edge technologies for the Armed Forces.

DARE, formerly known as Advanced System Integration and Evaluation Organisation(ASIEO) was formed in 1986 under the leadership of Dr KG Narayanan with a team of four scientists drawn from LRDE and DRDL and a couple of officers from Indian Air Force. It has achieved many milestones in the last two decades including equipping several squadrons of various types of IAF aircraft with Electronic Protection and Jamming System.

The Defence Minister asked DRDO scientists to 'devise ways and means to utilise modern technology to further reduce the stress on our troops'. while the government will not allow resources to be a constraint, it must be ensured that the various resources – human, financial, technological are not frittered away.

Shri Antony complimented the scientists, engineers, technicians and other DRDO personnel for putting in hard work in developing critical and state-of-the-art technology systems, platforms and equipment in the last fifty years against heavy odds. However, he asked them to minimize time and cost over runs and satisfy the expectations of the Armed Forces.

'Despite technology denials and restrictive exports regime, DRDO has been able to develop strategic systems and advanced missiles. The programmes and projects designed by DRDO have significantly enhanced the combat readiness of our Armed Forces. At the same time, the organisation needs to improve its track record on minimising the time and cost overruns and satisfaction levels of the end-user – that is, our Armed Forces', Shri Antony said.

The Defence Minister said the nature and scope of the potential threats are changing constantly and the need of the hour is to develop innovative and indigenous defence systems' to counter these challenges. He said, it is imperative that we achieve the goal of modernising and equipping our Defence Forces with cutting-edge technologies but with least dependence on foreign assistance.

Shri Antony said DARE has been entrusted with the task of delivering high precision systems to the Indian Air Force. DARE has developed numerous Electronic Warfare (EW) and avionics systems for airborne application for the Indian Air Force. However, he said, it must be borne in mind that 'high-tech products need to be futuristic, as technology can never be static'.

The Defence Minister said all efforts must be made to retain our 'precious wealth' of human resources and to nourish them by suitably tailoring our work environment. 'We must transform the work culture in such a way that working not only becomes more productive in professional terms, but is also relaxing and enjoyable,' he said.

Speaking on the occasion, the DRDO Chief Shri M Natarajan said the shortcomings of certain products made by DRDO can be significantly improved to the total satisfaction of the user agencies with productionisation.

The Director of DARE Shri RP Ramalingam said the organization will be field testing fourth generation Electronic Warfare System for the MiG-27 and LCA in the next 18 months.

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