Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The beautiful Light Combat Helicopter!

Thanks to an anonymous commenter for posting the links to these two photos in the comments section to the LSP2 post! The LCH looks marvellous -- these are from the HAL display pavilion at the Berlin Air Show 2008! Now, for some more stuff on it. Thanks anon, for posting the URLs. More on the LCH this week.


Rahul said...

I think this pic is from HAL's stall/ILA berlin. Good job shiv. Please keep updating its status.

Anonymous said...

now that is a beauty. look at the finish. specs are the same that they have been putting up at all shows. so when is this bird getting off the ground?

Anonymous said...

You are welcome shiv. by the way i posted the images from the links "gogna" posted on BR. My request on daksh ROV is still pending. Please get some info on it atleast.
BTW what happened to the NAG trials that were supposed to happen this summer?
Thanks in advance

Tapas said...

Thanks Shiv,
Nice pics of LCH .
Seems NOW DRDO/HAL is taking some measures to reduce the RCS ..but they should also try to learn from COMANCHE
- Slant edges
- Greater Visibility
- Internal weapons for stealth
also have not seen the COMANCHE with sensors(FLIR etc) are hanging on the nose.
The point is COMANCHE was conceptulised far earlier than our LCH but still LCH lacks the advance feachers.

Also note the inclination/height of the REAR WSO seat..any one thinks/agrees that it gives better visibility to the WSO (compare with any of today's tandem seater gunships ) the very basic purpose of the TANDEM seat itself is lost :-))

vasanth said...

hay that looks great let us hope that indian army buys a few to operate in kashmir. i believe only IAF is involved in LCA. can you please post the numbers in order, the amount of imported components, the aprox. first flight date.

Thank you keep up the good work

anthony said...

That attack helo looks awesome! I wonder how much longer unti it reaches IOC, and what name would it be given? It can't just stay as Light Combat Helicopter, that'll be awkward.