Thursday, June 26, 2008

*FLASH* Seven ALH Dhruvs for Ecuador Air Force!

Reported yesterday on the agencies, but here's the official press release from the government. A big congratulations to HAL for a significant win. Truly fantastic news: The Defence Public Sector Undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has secured an order for supply of 7 Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters to Ecuadorian Air Force. HAL has bagged this order amidst strong competition from M/s. Elbit, M/s. Eurocopter and M/s. Kazan. HAL's offer of $ 50.7 million for 7 helicopters was about 32% lower than the second lowest bid from M/s. Elbit. The first helicopter would be delivered by HAL in 6 month's time. The contract for the supply of helicopters is likely to be signed within a few weeks. This order signifies Ecuador's confidence in Indian technology and can lead the way for further collaboration. This contract, which will establish HAL internationally, has been extremely significant and hard fought

HAL has already supplied 76 helicopters to the defence services with excellent serviceability records. The company is presently executing orders for 159 more helicopters for Army and Air Force.


pranab said...

Gr8 news shiv..Hope this will pave way for more contracts for HAL..Amen

Anonymous said...

Very modest, but crucial start into the export business. It is the confidence more than the dollars that matters here!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great news!
Seems this time we tore through the designs of pressure groups that spoiled the Chile deal!!
Way to Go! Now give us the LCH in time!

Anonymous said...

did they rectify the navy variant our navy is whining about!..vibration problems and stuff.. in high density atmosphere..

Anonymous said...

What's comatose in Sam Bahadur's context ??

Anonymous said...

Shiv why are flashing this one-day old 'purana khabar' ?

Abhiman said...

Mr. Aroor, it may not be "surprising", that Manu Pubby of the Indian Express has not reported this epoch making milestone of Indian military aviation.

Keeping aside Indian Express' bias above, it is indeed gratifying to know that 'Made in India' choppers will "slice through the air" above the Andes ranges in Ecuador and Peru. Although some of the avionics installed will be European, HAL is likely to begin manufacturing similar systems in a few years' time. India must utilize the sale of Dhruv helicopters to these 2 nations as a "marketing tool" to further it's sales in other markets also.

It may be beneficial to enter such emerging markets of developing countries where the helicopter market may have a significant potential. Foregoing political lobbying like in Chile's case, the primary and foremost concern of nations like Peru and Ecuador will be low-cost yet high quality helicopters, which no other nation currently provides. European helicopters may have the same quality but they are also expensive, whereas Chinese helicopters may be cheap, but equally cheap in quality also.

In fact, HAL may also enter the European and US markets, whose companies may recall the Dhruv from Farnborough and ILA Berlin. A marketing JV with Elbit may be beneficial, as Israel's IAI (the official marketing agency) has proven indifferent so far, with all the promotion in S. America having been done by HAL and IAF only.

It may also be noted that Press Trust of India, for the first time used positive phrases and "eloquent" descriptions of the Dhruv's sale to Peru. It rightly acknowledged, "Indian aviation history", and the Dhruv "making waves" at International Air-shows. Earlier, PTI never used adjectives to describe any positive event in Indian indigenous defence and chose to be purposefully 'neutral'.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Eat that Aroor!!! theres the answer to your incessant and irritating HAL-bashing!!