Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos: Tejas hot weather trials + LCA Tejas LSP-2 maiden flight!!!

Had completely forgotten to post these photographs last month. Anyway, for what they're worth! Here's the bunch of photos that the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) released after the hot-weather trials of the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas in Nagpur in May. A nice set.

Tejas LSP-2 Takes OFF!

The second Tejas limited series production (LSP-2) fighter took to the skies today from the HAL airport in Bangalore. There hasn't been a press release from HAL or the MoD yet, though there were a scattering of agency reports on the flight. The successful half-hour flight was piloted by NFTC test pilot Wg Cdr N Tiwari, who is reported to have flown the LSP-2 at Mach 1.1. The third Tejas prototype vehicle (PV-3) was on chase duty, and flown by Wg Cdr RR Tyagi.

According to a local HAL press release, "This is the second limited series production aircraft that rolled out of the LSP hangar of HAL. It is the first aircraft powered by the new GE404-IN20 engine and also had a new ejection seat version, the Martin Baker Mk 16LG."


left wing nut job said...

Shiv, pics of the LSP-2 first flight would be HIGHLY appreciated.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot shiv
thats fast

Anonymous said...

Amazing Pics, Thanks Shiv.

Any idea if the canopy shearing system developed in Pune is going into the Tejas?

I believe that system is safer (and a complete) replacement for the ejection seat. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Clive, Goa said...

Thank you shiv i love your blog also congratulation on getting plus 160000 hit on your blog.
Please do a item on HAL LCH with real pictures and we all know you can get real pictures of LCH if you wanted to.
Clive, Goa

Anonymous said...

LSP-2 Pics Please !

Shiv Aroor said...

will put up pics of the LSP-2 flight as soon as they're released by ADA. can't wait to see them myself! clive: thanks for your words.. there's an LCH piece coming this week positively.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics. i wish there was a video too. come on shiv lets move to the youtube age. get some videos too.Awesome pics still.

LCH has started to look meaner
nice details they have added in the model at berlin air ahow.
LCH model from berlin
LCH info board from berlin

Akash said...

These are not the pics of Lca lsp2.
You can see the serial no. KH 2005

Anonymous said...

they are of the summer trials. But the news item that LSP-2 flew was put along with it.