Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chief of Air Staff: "We have now set down parameters and assets for the application of air power in an urban setting"

My interview with Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal FH Major airs tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm on Headlines Today.


Ajai said...

Looking forward greatly to that interview, Shiv... especially about what the Air Chief has to say about airfield networking and modernisation.

I'm really glad you questioned him on that VERY important subject.


Anonymous said...

Hello Shiv,
Would it be possible for you post a transcript or atleast a summary of your interview with Air Chief Marshal? We in US don't have acess to Headlines today.


Shiv Aroor said...

sunil: yes, i will be posting an interview transcript -- at least the official one that the chief has in front of him when he's giving the interview (though he spoke off the cuff through the actual interaction). someone will probably add it to youtube as well, though i'll see what i can do.

Anonymous said...

this is highly controversial. how can an air chief express a desire to apply air power against his own countrymen? he should be pulled up for say this. but good job shiv for getting him to talk about something as sensitive as this. i am surprised he had the guts to get on the record about what i presume is only discussed behind closed doors of north and south blocks.