New Phalcon squadron, etc

The three Phalcon AWACS aircraft that begin deliveries from Israel in two months, will be a part of a newly raised unit, 50 Sqn, at Agra. A name for the unit is currently being decided upon. This and a whole lot more was revealed to Headlines Today in an interview today with Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Fali Major. The full interview, which includes a whole lot more, will be broadcast on Thursday (July 17) primetime on Headlines Today. Will post the time here tomorrow morning.

I'm sad to announce that I've decided to activate the comment moderation option on LiveFist as a result of some personal attacks in what is supposed to be a free and professional space. The person responsible for the comments -- of course conveniently disguised as Anonymous, has been identified. I have no problems with attacks against me, or my blog, or what goes into it; what I cannot are personal and vulgar attacks against my friends, associates and others who have nothing to do with this blog or its contents, or indeed, defence at all. Rest assured all other comments, will pass through to the comments section.

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