Filler: Random photos I've taken!

Gonna be real busy with political reporting over the next couple of days, so won't be able to blog. So enjoy these photos I've taken from the LiveFist archives! They're random, have no particular logic for being put up here now and are non-newsy, so there it is! From top: 1. An Il-76 at Yelahanka -- this bird ferried us journalists back from Aero India 2005. 2. For some reason, one of my favourite photos. 3. I took this photo of the Communication Squadron Boeing-737 VVIP jet after it landed with us at Car Nicobar a few months after the tsunami. 4. Mirages from 1 and 7 Squadron at Kalaikunda in 2006 for Cope India (you can see USAF F-16s further down).

All photos by Shiv Aroor/Copyright LiveFist

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