Monday, July 07, 2008

Indian defence attache in Kabul killed

Press Release from the Government today: Brigadier Ravi Datt Mehta was martyred in a dastardly act of terrorism today in Kabul. Approximately at 10 O’clock in the morning a vehicle carrying explosives exploded in front of Indian Embassy in Kabul. Brigadier Datt was coincidentally present in the proximity and suffered severe injuries and succumbed later.

Brigadier Datt was a bright and very competent officer of Army who served in insurgency operations areas in North East and J&K. He was commissioned in Army in 1976 and had assumed his present post of Defence Attache in Kabul in Feb 2008. His bereaved family consists wife, son (an Indian Air Force Officer) and a daughter who were also in Kabul to visit him.


ramana said...

Bigadier Mehta saab! May your soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

May your soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Its time we truck-bomb Paki embassies in Srilanka and Bangladesh. Eye-4-an-Eye.We can't afford to lose our great people to madrassa-borne illiterate jehadis!
Screw insipid manmohan robot!

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, the silent soldier.

Anonymous said...

may his soul rest in peace. :(

Anonymous said...

if this had been done to israel, they would have a wiped a few lebanese embassies off the face of this earth (and a few iranian embassies for good measure)

when will our leaders grow the balls to take the fight to the enemy instead of this "you hit me on the left cheek and i will show you my right" chootiyagiri

Anonymous said...

The poor bloke had his A$$ badly blown off, didn't he.

This is what we call a Surgical Strike.

Wish him all the best for hell.