Nag ready for final trials

Next week, Nag, the indigenously developed third generation anti-tank guided missile (3GATGM) will begin terminal trials at the Pokhran range in Rajasthan. Spread across three days, the Nag will be fired at ceiling range against upto seven armoured targets (both moving and static), including with the top-attack capability. These are planned to be the final trials of the missile's development phase. A round of confirmatory trials and user trials with the Army will be carried out either next month of early September.

The Hindu quoted Nag programme director SS Mishra in January as saying, "The third-generation missile is a truly fire-and-forget system. Unlike the first-generation system, in which the operator has to track and guide manually, Nag is entirely autonomous from launch-to-impact to ensure zero-miss distance."

Photo ┬ęShiv Aroor/LiveFist

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