Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photos: The IAF Sarang helicopter aerobatics team at Farnborough 2008


Anonymous said...

Shiv something else was coming on your channel at 7 pm...who has the patience...please in future kindly check the time properly and let us know...we can't keep watching and waiting

And where is the interview, since I missed it on TV, if at all it came later;that is, promised, kindly post it here for all to read, especially those who missed.

Anonymous said...

Sir with all due respect,the time of the interview will be the channels choice,Shiv cant be TV guide,he informed about possible time,but actual time will be the channels better check on their web site on in any scrolls if they mention about it

Anonymous said...

Then in that case, Shiv ought to message us on our cells, the exact do we know and do we have the time to just keep watching all the time.