Glory: IAF Flankers at dawn at Idaho!

Beauty. IAF Su-30MKIs at dawn at Idaho's Mountain Home AFB.

According to an IAF statement today, "The contingent has, during the work up phase, flown over a hundred sorties in what can be termed as a 'cost effective deployment' with the team making full use of the training infrastructure made available to it. The format of the deployment followed is 'crawl, walk & run', a term used for systematic increase in the pace and scope of exercise and combat maneuvering. The IAF's participating aircraft namely the Su-30 MKIs, IL-78 refuellers and the IL-76 aircraft have practiced Air defence mission, Offensive Air Operations, Large Force Engagements and Dynamic targeting. The IAF Special Force 'GARUDS' which also would be taking part in exercise Red Flag have practiced hostage rescue operations in urban warfare scenarios."

The work up phase is being carried out so that the IAF contingent, which is taking part in exercise Red Flag for the first time, familiarizes itself with the flying procedures, Radio Telephony terminologies, brevity codes and other aspects of the exercise. Thus the contingent is using mountain Home AF Base to hone their skills on operating in USAF environment. For this purpose, Squadrons of USAF F-16s & F-15s are flying missions with IAF aircrafts. The challenge which the IAF team faces is to adapt itself to the complex and advanced Network centricity of USAF.

The work up phase at Mountain Home Air Force base concludes on 07 Aug 08.

Photos Courtesy IAF/USAF

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