Tuesday, August 26, 2008

IAF Sukhois snooped by US ELINT jets!

Coming up on LiveFist later: IAF to include details of two incidents of "extra-exercise activity" by US ELINT aircraft over US airspace in its formal Red Flag debrief to Air Headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Later means when....when will it come up here?

Anonymous said...

what else would you expect? obviously they would want to chart the radar of Su-30s so that they can develop effective jamming capability

Anonymous said...

What is so great about Su-30MKI being snooped on by ELINT aircraft? USAF must be dolts (like You?) if they let the Su's detect that they are being snooped on! And Su's must be bigger dolts by exposing such super equipment/avionics that lets them know - especially in Red Flag which is the ultimate combat exercise!