Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Armed forces release joint amphibious warfare doctrine

Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee and Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta released the "Joint Doctrine for Amphibious Operations" in New Delhi today. The doctrine is meant to serve as a guideline on how Armed Forces intend to plan and conduct these operations and achieve full synergistic effect of joint combat power.

It lays down the commonality between the three services, for the smooth conduct of amphibious operations. The Joint Doctrine had been under preparation since 2004. Lessons learnt during the joint amphibious exercises, conducted since 2004, have been incorporated in the Doctrine. Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal FH Major, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Lt Gen HS Lidder and other senior officials of the three forces were also present on the occasion.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe that a maritime nation like ours did not have one so far.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

navy don't like $35 mil per plane upgrade of il 38 and says it can't detect submarine.

but they use and going to buy more ka28 helicopter which is intended to use against submarines,how can be two different prospect.

p8i deal 2.2billion is too much

1)p8 is basically based on 737 and new 737 comes at 60-70million

2)if u add electronic sensors of
60 million it becomes 120million
per aircraft

3)add 30miliion on life support it becomes 150miliion per plane

4)will it able to detect american subs in indian ocean.

in this way for 8 p8i it should be
1.2billion dollars for the deal
but where are 1 billion dollars going its waaaaaay tooo much.

thats why japan rejected p8 and they made their own kawasaki patrol aircraft

worst is we get the same sensors pakis have,end user agreement.

EADS offered us 400million less
and no end user agreement and we could save 400million this is no small amount of money

navy ready to pay 275million per
p8i. is this not tooooo much costly also the aircraft is infirior

how navy can go for this aircraft with same sensors which pakis already has and how they can blame sea dragon suite for il 38.

why these fucking navy people don't like 35million per aircraft upgrade of il38
and tu 142

blaming russia over this upgrade is propaganda to buy p8i from US

it is not easy to detect submarine in ocean that u just fly aircraft over ocean and detect submarine

will p8i detect NATO submarines and why we are paying too much for this

Anonymous said...

why not nimrod mr4 which has greater range of 11000km and large bomb bay for ASW than P8 and EADS MPA.

nimrod has bigger airframe

its wings are optimised for low flying for hunting submarines since its wings have larger wing area and less sweep which is needed for low flying

P8 less wing area and its wings are bent more backwords which are intended for high altitude flying

Anonymous said...

Uggghhh!!! aaggh aaaah aagggg agghhh..from which forest have the above two anons come after being released for the first time into civilization after a period of being chained for 21 years. They should be arrested and flogged for asking silly questions and taking space here for stupid arguments

Anonymous said...

the p8i contract is going to the cabinet for approval this month some recent newspaper report has said. is that correct? that means 2.2 billion bucks for eight planes? windfall for bloody boeing.

Anonymous said...

Nimrod ! ughh ! the bloody things can't fly for a mile without something falling off !

Anonymous said...

To Anon3: "worst is we get the same sensors pakis have"

Any substantiation for this? links?

I dont believe that a craft made two decades ago by russia is better than one that is America's future ASW craft. Doesnt sound logical, let alone real.

Anonymous said...

Dear Veterans ,

Because the Indian Express published a highly biased, unjust , cowardly and humiliating 'Editorial' , perhaps at the behest of IAS Babus , against the Indian gallant Indian Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen concerning their Chiefs' most rightful stand against 6 th Pay Commission Anomalies , we all MUST burn copies of the Indian Express INFRONT OF THEIR OFFICES in each station .

Also we all should stop subscribing to that biased and ignorant paper which is lowereing the 'Morale' of the Indian Military. We should tell all our friends also to do the same . Why read a paper which unjustly humiliates us out of sheer bias ?

The paper should know that it is because of the sacrifices of the Defence Services that it enjoys 'Freedom of Press' , to publish all that rot , otherwise it would be dictated from Beijing and Islamabad , or even the Maoists , what to publish and what not to ,

I agree with many that 'Letters to the Editors' are NOT enough . Physical action as per norms of democracy is required . We MUST demand an apology from the Editor. failing which , we should start burning his effigies , after one month , in ALL THE CITIES OF INDIA AND ABROAD , where we have our Veterans.

You all are requeste to forward this message to ALL friends and even foes (of the paper) please,

Brig Harwant Singh (retd)

Anonymous said...

Nyan paranjitle. Neengalinde azhal were aauno!----

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

unakku kevalamaa illa...avala vechu...business panriye..unga pair paathu ellam sirikiraanga..including sridhar..ippodhaan theriyarathu...unnoda pondaati yen oodi poyittanu....life-a konjamaavathu dignity-oda vaala kathukka....

Anonymous said...

it is good to know whether p8i is able to detect american submarines

Anonymous said...

navy checked russian sea dragon suite
in real time condition that is it able find a submarine which was a distant target to it.

navy must check P8I and its electronics in real time conditions
using a US nuclear sub whether it
detects that subamarine

after that make decision.

hellboy said...

lol, what a stupid argument.

can we detect any US nuke sub now?? i don't think soooooo.....