Armed forces to get ad-hoc arrears asap

Keeping in view that the re-fixation of pay and allowances and consequent calculation of arrears may take some time, the government has decided to make ad-hoc payment of arrears for the current year to all ranks of the Services at the earliest. The proposal received the sanction of the President today. The amount so paid will be adjusted against the final computation of arrears on the revised pay scales. It may be recalled that 40% of the arrears are to be paid in cash in the year 2008-2009 and the remaining 60% in the year 2009-2010. The ad-hoc rates will be as follows:

Lt/Equivalent Rs 55,000
Capt./Equivalent Rs 65,000
Major/Equivalent Rs 70,000
Lt Col/Equivalent Rs 80,000
Col/Equivalent Rs 1,50,000
Brigadier/Equivalent Rs 1,60,000
Maj Gen/Equivalent Rs 1,75,000
Lt Gen/Equivalent Rs 2,25,000

NC(E) Rs 20,000
Sepoy/Equivalent Rs 25,000
Nk/Equivalent Rs 30,000
Hav/Equivalent Rs 32,000
Nb Sub/Equivalent Rs 48,000
Sub/Equivalent Rs 48,000
Sub Major/Equivalent Rs 50,000

The above-mentioned amount would be admissible with reference to the substantive rank held as on 01.01.2006. Payment of the above ad-hoc amounts will be made only to those personnel who were in Service as on 01.01.2006 and continue to be in Service thereafter. The ranks held by the personnel as on 01.01.2006 would be reckoned for drawing the arrears. The concerned paying authorities may deduct income tax as per normal rules at the time of final computation of arrears payable during the current financial year.

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