Army hits Cobra Task Force in Manipur

Press Release from the Army: In a surgically executed pre-dawn raid this morning, the Army in Manipur along with Bishenpur Police Commandos destroyed a hideout of the PREPAK "Cobra Task Force" in the hithertofore inaccessible Loktak Lake.

The raid which was the first of its kind in the Loktak Lake resulted in elimination of five hardcore militants, apprehension of one woman cadre, recovery of nine sophisticated weapons to include Rocket Launcher, 60mm mortar, Universal Machine Gun, Lathode and five assault rifles alongwith huge quantity of assorted ammunition and war like stores.

Vital inputs on the hideout inside the Loktak Lake had been willingly provided by local villagers who are fed up with the extortion and diktats of the UGs. The locals are also upset with the UGs for their actions of firing on the Security Forces in populated areas which is endangering their lives. These militants have been responsible for carrying out stand off attacks and ambushes on SF personnel, recently, around the Loktak Lake and then disappearing into their safe haven. As a result of these attacks a number of civilians including women have been injured.

The success of this extremely difficult operation was due to the high level of training imparted to Security Forces for this particular task, close cooperation with Bishenpur Police Commandos and the enthusiastic support of the local population. Latest state of art weapons, sophisticated technology and techniques were used to execute this operation.

Maj Gen TS Handa, GOC 57 Mountain Division coordinated the entire operation. GOC 3 Corps, Lt Gen RK Loomba, congratulated all troops of the Army and Police for this brilliantly executed and extremely difficult operation. He thanked the local villagers of Bishenpur Dist for their willing support and underscored the prime role of the Indian Army to restore normalcy to the beautiful state of Manipur.

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