Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nothing is Left

On April 1, the CPI(M) adopted a resolution about the 6th Pay Commission at its 19th Party Congress in Coimbatore. Among other things, the resolution observed that "... jawans and lower grade employees in the defence services have been discriminated against in relation to the increase given to officers." Great, so they actually caught that. But what have they done since? Put that question to a sailor, airman or jawan and you'll have your answer.

Put that question to one of the commies, and you'll get an answer, sure: that they're mobilising their party workforce for more puerile, idiotic protests against the Indo-US Naval Malabar exercises in the Arabian Sea, in which the US will field the nuke-powered USS Ronald Regan, the US Navy's youngest Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. So more jobless Communist thugs of the kind that marauded through Nandigram, will now get free rides to Kochi or Goa to swill arrack and wave red flags at a warship that will be so far out at sea, that they won't know what they're looking for (in which case, they might just turn their angst at some hapless merchant vessel that may happen to be steaming through). The government didn't listen to the CPIM about the Nimitz visit when the party was still part of the government. What in hell makes them think they're going to get any attention at all, now that their hollow, waste-of-time, narrow rhetoric doesn't even impact realpolitik anymore.

Not once have the Yechurys or Bardhans or Karats spoken out for the armed forces jawan -- a substantially populous class. Not once have they said they'll protest in the centre of town about the iniquities that the 6th Pay Commission has heaped upon the defence services, both tangibly and in terms of perception. Not once have they spoken out, with their same harsh frothing-in-the-mouth style about the idea that national security is far worse compromised by an unhappy and borderline mutinous guardian class, than a joint naval exercise that only helps the Navy obtain more operational experience on the seas.

A senior retired Naval officer, a favourite with the press, said to me recently that the CPIM's stance on Indo-US exercises was an unequivocal insult to the armed forces themselves. His rationale was that by threatening to protest, the CPIM was implying that the armed forces know less than the Communists about what constitutes prudence, care and astuteness as far as defending the nation is concerned. He used some words for the Communists that I won't reproduce here, but you get the drift.

As staunch critics of the Pay Commission's recommendations that certain defence establishments be corporatised, the Communists have further inspired the deep suspicion and distrust of the armed forces. By controlling the ordnance factory and PSU unions, they get to say what they like against disinvestment, privatisation -- concepts largely favourable to fighting men, especially when it comes to defence PSUs and ordnance factories, most of which which continue to perpetuate mediocrity by dodging prescriptions for genuine and sensible reform.

But we should stop looking to the Communists for anything anymore. Hopefully, they will never ever matter again.

Photo ©Copyright Kashmir Newz (Javed Dar)


Anonymous said...

Great link to the DDM for the uninitiated..thanks fighterclass. I am indebted

But who runs Bharat rakshak? and how do you chaps catch all these goof-ups. And Shiv used to think and make everyone think that he was the last word on defence reporting, as his Headlines Today is full of nincompoops who cant tell a missile from an aircraft and v.versa, therefore its great that BR has got some of his goof-ups put up there.

Keep up the good job fighterclass, there and here also.

Atty said...

I totally agree with this analysis of the Left.They best be LEFT behind.

Anonymous said...

karat eats kids for lunch. beware!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

bloody porkis will never learn their lesson. now even the americans are darting into porkistan to kill terrorists. and now the effed up country has zardari as its head of state. yum yum. he must be smacking his lips at the idea of going from mr 10 percent to mr 100 percent. porkistan. kill the effin porkis. and piss on their corpses. like we did to them in the atlantique incident. porkistan murdabad!!

Anonymous said...

the left is a finished chapter. one only hopes that they do not manage a coup like the congress managed in the 2004 elections. it will be the end of the road for india's great growth story.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is so apparent. Left does not want us to grow. Be it our military or industries or the economy as such. They want to be noticed, heard on TV and Radios - easiest way do that is creating trouble, attract the media.

They dont have a long term vision of how to run this country even if they were given power. Using communism for political, personal benefits and anti-national activities. The sooner we get rid of them, the better.

Anonymous said...

Since the resolution was adopted on April 1, it is clear that the Left made a fool of everyone.


Cane-an said...

All patriotic Indians hope that the Left will never matter anymore. This may not happen. It will only come to pass when we all go and vote and kick those Chinese out of every constituency

Anonymous said...

Is the picture from Kashmir, the soldier seems to be have a fancy gun, I wonder which gun is it? any ideas ? and do RR have these guns as there primary assault rifle ?