Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photos: Exercise Lion Strike & Exercise Wessex Warrior end

Mechanised Infantry troops of the Indian Army carried out joint training and exercises with the British Army from 29 August to 19 September 2008. The joint training culminated in two exercises Ex Lion Strike and Ex Wessex Warrior. The final day of Exercise Wessex Warrior culminated 19 September at the Land Warfare Centre in the Salisbury plains of England. The Indian contingent comprised 126 all ranks from the 16 Mechanised Infantry Regiment while the British troops were from the Third Mercian Regiment.


Anonymous said...

i hate these joint warfare exercises
specially naval and air warfare

they r no more than spying exercises

Gaurab Arka Chaudhuri said...

Who is spying on who - Us on Them or them on US?

kshatriya said...

Any further info on the two exercises? What did each side learn? I can hardly find anything on these, really scant coverage. I'm an officer cadet in the British Army, will be joining regulars soon.

I think the Indian Army can learn a lot from the British army in terms of lower level organisation, as in the NCOs and so called JCOs, their skills set and leadership. As per what I know, most non NATO armies still follow outdated practices where officers do everything and sergeants and warrant officers remain clueless, a lot like the British till the 70s. Also, they could learn something from how the British army and MoD work as an organisation. They have evolved and now operate like other productive corporations as far as organisation is concerned, much more efficient and reliable. Besides, British drill books and field manuals are one of the best.

And Indians should buy the L85A2 instead of that overpriced Tavor junk. Beautiful weapon, gives accurate fire even on fully auto. Even noobs like me manage to get just 40mm separation at 30m. Heavy since it's all metal but brilliant. Even yanks are jealous. We are using it for the FIST program so it would go well with F-INSAS.