Monday, September 22, 2008

Photos: INS Mysore hosts Nat-Geo's Mission Navy

The Delhi-class guided missile destroyer INS Mysore played host to the launch event of National Geographic's Mission:Navy programme. Here's the beautiful Mysore in all her glory.

Photos ©Copyright and Courtesy Shrey Khetarpal


Anonymous said...

10 warships will join navy till 2012

1 gorshkov
3 p 15a
3 advanced talwar from russia
3 shivalik class

but no submarine

Mr.White said...

No Submarines???
What about Scorpenes and ATV??
Even Chakra is joining this year end...

Anonymous said...

to anon at 11.57

no submarines means v lost this deacade without inducting a single sub

otherwise v could hv upto 20 subs

look how many subs china has inducted

Anonymous said...

It is a sad truth. Submarines are only ones that can provide second strike capabilities.

I hope we atleast perfect the Agni III SLBM and range of other SLCMs before we get these platforms

Anonymous said...

to anon at 1.16

u r right but it is truth our missile program is very very slow
see how pakis and chinks r desperate to counter us

there is only one test in a year of agni 3

chinks hav 400 flankers
v hav only 60 su 30mki v can't produce enough numbers fast

and how mrca being dragged