Friday, September 19, 2008

Video: Sandeep Unnithan in the MBT Arjun

Will post Sandeep's better quality videos soon. This one was the smallest file, so putting this one up for now.

Video Courtesy Sandeep Unnithan


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clip. I can't have enough of these 58 ton monsters and why not soon they will fade into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

armur needs to be slopped all western tanks have slopped armour

its been more than 10 years they r showing the same armour configuration no change

Anonymous said...

sloped armor doesn't work for modern ceramics. it's for older metal armor.

Anonymous said...

all the tanks have one biggest weakness their hull or chasis on which the turret is mounted whether it is

if the turret of a tank can not be defeated it's hull can be defeated because there is not much protection for hull

and that is enough to make a tank useless, russian tanks has one less crew menber one less death

and for the proof how abram in iraq and merkava in 2006 in lebanan war were defeated u can watch these videos on utube or probably u hav already whatched

Anonymous said...

in both iraq and lebanon the crew survived the hits.
don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.
as to tin series crap check out the pics from grozny and the recent ossetia campaigns.

Anonymous said...

were u there to verify

russian kornet missiles were used
and crew died in merkava in 2006

i am not deluding myself but somewhat u r deludional

i u don't beleive me watch watch this how israeli crew died in merkava tank AND u will come to know how many died


Anonymous said...

these videos also show how hejbullah
used websites to know about weakness
of merkava so they blew up its chasis
and it

burst into pieces which cannot be counted and crew died.

dsd said...


Anonymous said...

No tank in the world is safe from an attack. Every weapon has got counter weapons. Aircrafts have got anti-aircraft missiles. That never makes an aircraft obsolete. Hizbollah must have taken out a tank. In tank to tank battles many tank will be lost, but the eventual winner will be the tank with much better protection, mobility and firepower. In terms of these qualities, Arjun is far superior to the T-90's and must be the main stay of the Indian Army.

Anonymous said...

ALL TANKS r vulnerable to anti tank missiles

kasi said...

man i love it's sound and looks.