Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: The Chetak UAV inside/out (Presentation on capabilities) Part-2

From the presentation that IAI made at Shephard's UV 2008, and shared previously with the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard on the Chetak-based NRUAV's capabilities.


sachin_sathe said...

Hi Shiv,

Thts a pretty nice & informative blog.Can u post the changes in Chetak's flight performance too?
Thx in advance.

Anonymous said...

No amount of presentations can win the Israelis contracts. Its their job to woo the Indian govt but contracts are decided on a different parameter.

Anonymous said...

taaqat badhaane ke liye haathi brand aata khaana chahiye.

haathi brand aata khayein aur haathi jaisi taaqat paayein aur aaj raat 9.00 pm baje retro jaayein, us taaqat ko azmaane ke liye.

khuda haafiz

Anonymous said...

similar systems israel provided for
tu142 upgrade at much cheaper cost

elta2022a is same as that of apy10
radar with same range

a single upgraded tu142 does the work of 2.5 p8i cuz tu142 has range of 12000 km with payload of 10tons while p8i has range of only 4000km with payload of only 5 tons

this simply shows that their is no match between tu142 and p8i

and even then p8i costs us exorbitant 2.2billion

Shiv Aroor said...

sachin: HAL chairman AK Baweja indicates that one of the main things happening with the NRUAV programme right now is an indepth profiling of the Chetak's flight characteristic. With pilots, there has never been the need to study its flight characteristics in such detail. All of this will of course begin to solidify into proper data closer to that first flight aimed at September 2009!

Anonymous said...

nice info shiv. keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Shiv- Keep the good stuff coming man!

Anonymous said...

OMG... Is that font comic sans?
hmm very professional ;)

chandrabhan said...

Hi Shiv,
I know you guys live in India and are far more knowledgeable regarding the security issues however, I was wondering whether we should be posting such technical details/capabilities on open forums?
You know better.


Shiv Aroor said...

chandrabhan: the info on the NRUAV is all culled from presentations and PDFs available on the IAI website as public domain. The israelis wouldn't make the mistake of putting something truly sensitive for everyone to see on their site. but you're right, one must be sensible about such stuff.