Friday, October 03, 2008

Major press conference

The Chief of Air Staff's pre-AF Day press conference is at noon today. Any burning issues apart from the obvious ones?


Anonymous said...

AV Singh II is being approved by cabinet today

Anonymous said...

@ Anon above,

shut up man! People like you suck big time! Dont spoil the sanctity of this place.

(not Shiv/Prasun/Ajai)

Vishal said...

Yeah, I'd like to ask a few questions on behalf of defence enthusiaists here.

1) Why is the MMRCA taking so much time? Any plans to speed it up?

2) How good is the LCA vis-a-vis the GSQR? How many will the IAF acquire ultimately?

3) How much will the recent delay in delivery of the PHALCONS hit the IAF's plan for Network centric warfare?

4) What steps is the IAF taking to recruit fresh talent or retain the experienced ones?

5) Does the Army have any reservations about the Navy's plans to induct Mig-29s in such large numbers as is popularly suggested by the media? and why?

6) When is the IAF gonna zero in on the 22 attack helos? Continuum: What about the LCHs? How many will they induct?

7) Why are there only 60 Sukhois with the IAF so far even as we have 2 assembly lines (one in Russia and one by HAL)?

8) When will the first A2G Brahmos be tested on the Sukhois?

9) Which air exercises is the IAF planning to participate in further?

I'll think of some more and report back.

By the way, any experts visiting this blog are free to reply...

Anonymous said...

Please ask about Akash SAM induction and whether the IAF is making sufficient efforts to upgrade its SAMs

Anonymous said...

Also we could ask about how good the Astra missile is vis-a-vis the current crop of Russian missiles.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ask if the second batch of AEW&S have already been ordered ? When can we expect the C-130J in service ?

Anonymous said...

What is the timeline for the new LCA engine for Mk-2 ? What are the milestones ahead in the LCA program prior to IOC ?

Anonymous said...

to shiv


Anonymous said...

Fools the presser is over and the question that Shiv asked was about pay commission, whether there was a difference between the services and the government hinting at a possible mutiny? Yuck...what a stupid question, but then what else can you expect from a dud like Aroor, who did some work while in print but now he just wastes time chasing girls, which is his life and not big defence stories.

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Hi Shiv,

I would like to know one thing. Why can't we induct some LCAs with lower Thrust Kaveri engines and/or some other GSQR compromises? Atleast our pilots will get a feel of the LCA. The DRDO meanwhile can work on updating the LCA and get the final version out...

... just like we did with the Su-30. The first batch were 10 Su-30K or Su-30MK, the basic version of Su-30. The second batch were to be 8 Su-30MK with French and Israeli avionics. The third batch were to be 10 Su-30MKs featuring canard foreplanes. The fourth and final batch Su-30MKIs of 12 aircraft were to have the AL-31FP turbofans

The way LCA program is going right now, I suspect it is headed to be another Arjun.

I am sure the LCA, in its current form and shape is better than some of our MiG-21 bis / bisons. Those planes can be pushed out of the inventory and replaced by the LCA

Anonymous said...

was at presser. shiv did not ask questions since he has interviewed chief one-to-one. spoke to him also. so anon above, stop spreading lies. -mk.