Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pakistan gets a taste

In the last one year, US forces have mounted attacked inside Pakistan territory no less than 42 times according to an estimate. Look at that number again. 42 times. All of these were incidents of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles being fired from Predator unmanned combat air vehicles into villages and towns along the Pak-Afghan border, mostly in Waziristan. On September 3, Pakistan's sovereignty became an international joke when a contingent of US Army heliborne forces mounted an audacious ground attack in South Waziristan without informing the Pakistan Army.

If you don't already know it, this is a crisis of potentially terrible proportions for Pakistan. Here's what the famed Air Marshal Ayaz Ahmed Khan had to say in a recent column in a Pakistani newspaper:

"Violation of Pakistani territorial sovereignty must be challenged. Pakistan Air Force must be prepared to shoot down American drones, gunship helicopters and engage USAF fighter aircraft attacking and bombings Pakistani tribal villages. We must not act as frightened crows, when outsiders continue to kill our elders, brothers, sisters and children. Pakistan Air Force must defend Pakistan's air space. PAF's tradition is that it will rise to great heights to defend Pakistan."

This, from a column where he's running around wringing his hands and virtually wetting himself about the ongoing Su-30MKI induction in the IAF and how it gives the Indians an "edge" over the PAF. But that's a different story, we all know that.

The fact is Pakistan finds itself in a situation not just of its own making, but one that it was sure would never come about. A simple matter of overplaying your hand and eating dust for it. Musharraf's enduring vapour trail, apart from the assassination of Benazir, will be the bludgeoning of the Pak-Afghan border villages with impununity by American forces. For godsake, they've even stopped the customary pre-notifications to the Pak Army because they've found that this compromises missions, and terrorists/militants are usually far from their laser-illuminated lairs by the time the Hellfires lock on. Too much damn trouble, informing Rawalpindi.

What can the Pakistan Army do about it? So far, nothing. Overplaying your hand -- orchestrating a fake self-centrality to the so called war on terror -- and lying through your teeth about it, is a game in which any slip-up costs blood. A lot of it, as we're seeing. The Pentagon knows, like India has for decades, that Pakistan harbours, funds and arms terrorists. And more troublingly for Pakistan, the US is having progressively less diplomatic reservations in talking tough about the Pakistan Army and ISI's clear-as-a-bell role in regional terrorism. That's great news for India, sure, but it doesn't make the problem any less a problem. We're still the ones on the other side of the fence if Islamabad talks itself into a corner.

According to the Sunday Times of London, the Brits hid for a whole year the fact that a Taliban commander they'd bumped off in the Sangin valley in 2007 was actually a Pakistan Armyman. Yawn. Like this tells us anything new? The only amazing thing about the jigsaw of evidence that's been thrown together vigorously over the last 10 months by the so called "international community" about Pakistan is the fact that anyone is amazed at all. It's like the Chicago police finding that they're finally going to get to nail Al Capone on tax evasion charges. But that did do him in, didn't it? So the evidence can't afford to stop. It never did. It's just that now, there's a big difference.

The only reason nothing ever happened to Pakistan, is not a reason anymore. The US is pummeling Pakistani villages with bombs and missiles on a ridiculously frequent basis. It's no loss for the yanks, make no mistake -- the militants and the people in that part of the world hate them anyway, so it's not like they're going back on a PR exercise or anything.

Pakistan has made severe and foolish miscalculations with the United States -- not something it does often. The ISI, after all, can safely be described as one of the must successful agencies of its kind, for the enduring and tireless proxy war it wages against India using nothing more fancy than disillusioned youth with no future.

So what really is the future of Pakistan? Is of course is the operative word.


Anonymous said...

How come the date in this post shows Friday, Oct 17 but it has come today, Shiv?

Akash.. said...

pakistan Hai Hi Ishai Layak!!!!
Ab aukat pata chal rahi hogi un logo ko....

Anonymous said...

actually pakistan getting hefty money from US around 4.5 billion a year ,they r getting free of cost f16,p3 and using all these against india under the shadow of war on terror

Shiv Aroor said...

I began writing it on friday, but was unable to complete it! had a chance just not to finish it and put it up. Have rectified the date thing.

Divine said...

How many Al Quaida / Taliban types are the americans really killing? The most important ones are by now far far away from FATA. The top leadership, the ones who matter are probably sipping Rooh-Afza in Karachi or Islamabad in ISI safe houses.
The US is only probably killing foot soldiers and local commanders - small fry for a million dollar missiles.

Anonymous said...

Aroor, famed ayaz amir?
he is a bloody joker.

Anonymous said...

last anon: allow me to introduce you to a concept called "sarcasm" :)

Indain said...

Hey shiv,Just need some clarification and information abt INS Vikramadiya.

there been these inside defence reports stating that VIK can go nuclear.And the Russians agreed to do so.thats the main reason why the delivery slipped and the actual NDA gov which accepted it as a nuke going carrier is out of power now.And this bloody UPA is shitting in their pants to take on a nuke carrier.I was told that this cost over runs and delay mess is all becos of its propulsion thing.

This is also one of the reason why IN is getting its personnel trained on charles de gaullie a french nuke carrier.

The carrier based reactor was actually tought to install on kuzetsnov and was latter changed to diesel.But the russians still posses the reactor technology and they did a lot of ground work in the same.

And the due to some contract obligations and objections which tend to take on MTCR.And the real problem now lies in the guidlines that make the Vik viable to go into IN inventory.

IT is supossed to be leased primarily as per MTCR guidelines and then eventually will be with IN jst like AKULA.

Thats the main contract and agreement during the NDA who signed for all nuclear subs and carrier.

IF u can go and get the inside news which is currently unavailable to outsiders and other defence journalists,it would be of a huge help mate.

And a lot of secret contracts are to see light .A nuke carrier in indian inventory is a no secret once it goes operational.But all the problem surrounding here is Russians dont want bloody americans to interfere in the contract.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ano above. There appears to be change in the Strategy of Pak Army (ISI), Mullahs and Taliban. There is a visible shift in the bases from the Pak Afghan borders to the Urban Centers like Karachi. Not only the bases appear to have shifted but there appears to be efforts at Political Consolidations of those bases by Mullahs-Talibans. Let us see how many Hellfire's land in the urban areas??

In this operational maneuver by Taliban and US Forces, the Us can not physically hold ground Waziristan and FATA. What is the use of driving Taliban out then??

Say whatever, ISI has mastered the art of deception and fooling the Americans. They always did and got away with it along with big booty of green backs and deadly weapons. The only way to deal with Pakistanies is is to bring in Indian element, this way or that way. Americans have used that unsuccessfully in past. To be successful they now will have to alow Indian cross the LOC by buses and also otherwise (??)...

Pakistani know that their actual security lies in Kabul. That whatever happens in Kabul have had long enduring implications for India's security in all ages and centuries, is a historical lesson which Indians and Pakistani can ignore at their peril.Kabul is important for both..

The dynamics of the Great Game Competition between US-China and Russia in Afghanistan will determine nature and level of the other sub-competition between India and Pakistan to be able to influence Kabul and thereby protect self and endanger the other.

Taliban shifting bases to urban centers could also be the "urban entry" for Army to come back.Army in Pak always keeps that option open and constantly works for it.

It is not an easy situation at all. Technology of any kind can be defeated by terrorism is a far gone conclusion. Technology alone is never the answer. US will need someone to hold vacated areas before they launch another maneuver. Who will hold it??

What about Indian Army as an option?????? Pak Army is not trustworthy. No..NO....Not Indian Army but "India Trained Army" is the Answer. That is why Indian embassy was bombed out by the ISI...No wonder one of the Map that appeared last year show FATA as part of Afganistan.....HaHaHa..

What a great Game.....Shiv..this is a real "Hellfire" your friend Shuman.

All the best....

chandrabhan said...

TSP or Terrorist state of pakistan can be defined as a piece of land owned by Army and some 40 odd Pakjabi families. It is a rentier state and the pakjabis had cultivated the Taliban/Mujahids to do their dirty job. The generals don't like to sully their hands and stay at the front for long. They have their nice manicured garden wrapped houses to live in.
Everything was allright till the time George bush came in. He, from day one was steadfast in his belief that Pakistan = trouble so needs to be contained sooner than later. It was pakistan's good luck that 9/11 happened so Bush had no other choice but to brow beat pakistan( Bomb to stone age) and alos cajole them by some lollies on the way.
The real war in Afghanistan is still played out between India and Pakistan. Amirkhans are just stuck alongwith Nato. Good, they are fighting our war for us. They need to pay for their sins of supporting the actual evil empire " Wahabi thought" along with the rentier TSP. Pakistan understands that and is trying hard to contain India's influence in Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai is India's man along with half of cabinet. Northern alliance was and is India's creation. Good job by successive govts. The trouble with pakjab is that now the Jehadis have smelled blood and they have come closer to Pindi and islamabad and destrying the peace and sanctity and that hurts the pakjabi army(64% of Pak army is punjabi dominated along with officer core). Pakiban(pakistan taliban) are coming closer and actually this is nothing but pakhtun nationalism that has taken a islamic character. They will get united and borders will be redrawn. please book a plot in swat valley :-)
Now to the other side. Baluchistan always wanted to independent and they voted for it along with fata( jinnah dismissed the provincial governers). Baluchis are more like Kurds and devided in 3 countries - Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. they hate the Pashtuns but they hate Pakjabis more. truth is that they can't decide whom they hate more.India has built a road through afghanistan that is linked t One of Iran's main highway and thus to the sea. it is important for afghanistan to have an access to sea( being landlocked). pakistan fears the completeion of this road and that's why the talibans keep on threatening Indian engineers and BRo people, killed quite a lot of them. This road will help India provide weapons and ammo to Afghan army through Iran.
Sindhis are culturally closer to Gujarat and they want to be part of india but we should say ...NOOOO. They have lot of Mujahirs, they wanted pakistan.
My Solution now as I am getting tired..
Baluchistan - Union territory of India (8 million baluchs only, oil rich, gas rich) moderate.
Fata - merge with afghanistan and form a pashtoon state.
NA( kashmir part) - We want it back and we will get t . It is the access to central asia and he great game which the brit bastards played with us in 1947 tribal raid and the way English generals mislead indian army and stopped it before it could recapture whole of kashmir must be eradicated.( The head of pakistan army was Englishman actually Australian and he more or less started this tribal raid).
Sindh and pakjab can stay together but they will ahve to contend with Pashtoon gunning for them closer. I am getting tired and I have just said 5 % of what i know and what will ahppen. Greta game is unfolding and Pakjabi army will have it. We must not, I repeat, we must not send our troops to Afghanistan as that's what the Amirkhans want.
let this war weaken them along with the nato and Pakjabis. we have a bigger threat on our North. We have played brilliant till now and must continue. Pashtuns are and were always rentier. pay them and they will fight for you. Betulah mehsud did a fine enough job for us ;-)

chandrabhan said...

The real taste is yet to come :-) It is time to balkanise TSP. little more patience and it's gone forever. Only important thing is that we must not loose sight of Baluchistan. That is our gateway to Middle east = energy security = growth.

we must seal our borders once the pashtoons start raiding the pakjab and drive out the Army harassing the landed families( lot of them ex army generals). As per reports there are 120 families in punjab that own most of the lands( some as large as 1200 -1500 acres).
we must not allow these pakjabis to enter our part of punjab - keep the candle wallahs( Kuldeep nayyar, barkha dutt and Dhoti roy type Fake liberals) in jail for some time(Purnea jail is better than Tihar). pakjabi army will eventually take care of these pashtoons( off course they will gas them/ use a tactical nuke). They are already using fighter aircrafts in FATA on their own civilians.

One more danger is that we should not fall prey to inane ideas like training pakjabi army in CI( counter insurgency). Knowing this stupid govt of MMS , this is very much a possibility. we have lost 17000 young men to master this kind of war.
Sorry, i can't contain my feelings so posted again.

Shiv, Journalists like you will have a great role to play in all of the the future scenarios.

tin can man said...

there is something bizarrely satisfying about porkis getting fried by weapons of the great western civilization. i don't give one shit whether they are innocent civilians. bring on the cordite i say. fry them all. like IEDs in J&K, missiles do not distinguish in waziristan. defenceless porkis. sweet sweet justice. zardari can now safely tranfer himself to the us so that he can focus on trying to poke sarah palin. his children must be so so so so ashamed of him. that 15 second clip of him with palin must have given the whole damn nation goosebumps. that's of course if pakistan has the ability to feel shame. which we all know it does not. it's a failed state. a rogue country. a bunch of towelheads.

indian muslims are my brothers and sisters. but bring a porki in front of me, and my blood turns black.

Anonymous said...

All Ano above...
My heart is filled with joy that there are people in this country for whom the interest of India lie supreme than any things else...

On the other hand, my heart does not stop crying the way the powerful IAS and Foreign serive now Joined by the IPS do not leave any stome unturned to harm the Indian Forces..specailly lower their morale and izzat..

Look the other side..the Pakjabies or Porkies have an Army that contributes thousands of trained officers as taliban... Indian Army has killed many of them in the valley and elsewhere..No one would would believe us...

Our peopele are scared of many times have they asked volunteers of Indian navy Air force and Army to be be iside sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP fuctioning as resistance groups..there will be thousands of volunteers...

So far Ci operatins are concened ..that has become IA speciality..Porki Army way ...but we are sought after by many including by US..the problem is that their culture of Burrr...dammmm..damm PhT ..Pht and big bang,,never allows them to learn what CI ops is all about...they are like typical Afganies who can not get satisfied unless there is hell of lot of noise..some bangs,,,dhamakas...and tribal toy plays..some head hunting and tribal dance...

Porkies are masters of creating Insurgencies...not fighting they will certainly have their own taste..

The biggest problem is with our esatblisjment that it thinks unified Pajistan is in out Interests...

Damn shit...flawed assessment... a bloody joke and wrong ideas that has done gretest harm to us...
Pakistan always boilling and it ass always on fire is in the gretest interest of India.. How can any Porki fight in Kashmir when his mind is alawys at his mother being scewed in Pakistan by Balucjies..sindhies or someone else...
Pakistan needs to be balkanised..burnt and kept on its burning ass..that is the only defence India has got aginst them...otherwise with their Chinese fathers they will be ready to scew us..

Keep the bastards inside only.India is such a big can pay them back now with compound interest..

But prerequisite to that is that our own Muslim population must be safe, sound, prosperios and progressive..
we must break any nasty link between the population of Pakistan and India...

Like Manmohan hug Zaedari....however he should not forget that the biggest terrorist in that country was Benazir.. she created Taliban...she hyped Kasmir issue beyond retrival...

In J&K ..choose and kill the Jamaitees ...problem will be solved in a month...the biggest jamaitee being Farukh, Mufti..and the fucked up Rubaya Begum....Let Zilani go to Pakistan and die there his hevan,,,

Let JKLF rule .....or Shabir shah... some benefits will come to people.....

Anonymous said...

Pakistan gets taste...

My foot....
Not as yet....

their arses are yet to burn with Osama...
Porkies are extremely fond of playing Muslim Vangurd and leaders...

Our Dear Christain brothers Like Bush will hang thenm on crosses..with bleedding holes..

They will have to pay for Bemiyan..and the Taliban and Osma should be hanged on ramannats of Bemiyaan....the Budhist can never forgive it..

Japan will pay one billion dollar for one Al quida to be hanged in Bemiyaan... Thailand Kambodia and Vietnaam will contribute accordingly...

These Pathans and Pakjabies thing too much of theselves...

They will have to pay back for the blood of Prithvi Raj Chauhan ..taken blind prisoner and merrily killed in Kabul...

Anonymous said...

A must read, though many historical records may be controversial:


Go Get It !!

F-16 are pounding the Rik Vedic Suvastu Vally and Udyana. May destroy the relics of great past..

chandrabhan said...

These are war collateral damages. In any case there was no hope for us to revive or retrieve these artefacts/relics.
The Brits continued to play the great game even after independence and denied India the access to central Asia by making sure that Indian Army does not recapture whole od kashmir and thus a gateway to CA. Like i said the british officers of Indian and pakistani army made sure of that. The struggle today also is the same.
I firmly believe that a stable pakistan is not in our favour. We must keep hem on boil and continue to help them export/import terror. Xin xiang is one place ripe for this but the time will come. As of now, I am watching with great satisfaction the way AmirKhans are getting sucked along with Nato. I am convinced that holocaust will look like a walk in the park after this "war on Terror". Retreating Amirkhans will just gas the tribal lands thereby creating more trouble for Pakjabis.
IMHO , right now we should be rubbing it in by making an offer to help pakjabi economy by giving a debt of $2.5-3Bbn and leak it to media.Sadly MMS is a clerk and he does not understand geo politics and value of symbols and signals. It will create havoc - loosen the grip of army or forcing the Army to tighten, that will hasten the fall.
Amir khans and World bank will anyway second that idea and suggest pakjabis to take the help of neighbour. This in a way will question the very philosophy of the existance of TSP. The army has always cornered the largest share of national budget in the name of defence from India and that India is out there to get them. We will simply bust this myth and create havoc with some peopel questioning the arguements of army when India would seem to be wanting to stablise.
Sadly MMS is non starter and he is into punjabi -punjabi bhai bhai. IM's are not much bothered about Pakjabis anyway barring a few idiots in UP and Hyderabad( owaissi types).

chandrabhan said...

As for the idea of inducting our troops to fight the proxy war in Sindh/baluchistan, I completely support the government on this stand. Our govts have done a brilliant job till now. We must learn from history and use the divisions within the Pashtoon tribes to our advantage. Historically Gilzais and durranis have fought each other and it is worse than caste sytems. Durranis were the sarkari pashtoons but they have always ruled Afgahnaistan for the last 400 odd years and karzai is a durrani. Taliban are alrgely Ghilzais. That explains the fight. After the lion of Punjab, Ranjit singh thrashed these louts , almost every Sikh general ahd a durrani wife. There are rentiers and must be used to do our job. I agree , they make a mess of it by being all slam bang but idea is to terrorise. pay money to make people do our job and keep away just monitor.

Anonymous said...

Graduate from "Communal Riot" to "Waging Wars"

There is an acute lack of Strategic Vision amongst our modern day Chanakyas. They like Sanskrit mantras, only recite and chant the "Arthashastra" blindly and make one service fight the other, spy vigorously on your own people, follows teachings of Chanyaka literally rather than apply the same innovatively. These guys are living in "Magadha" rather than 21st Century Delhi.

Stephan P Cohen had observed that India and Pakistan are still indulged in "Communal Riot" and I totally agree. 1948, 1965, Kargil ops and the long drawn proxy wars are but continuation of the "Communal Riots" that were started by the Brits in Dhaka in 1905. Those bloody villains having prevented the disaster of 1857 assiduously worked at "Communal" divide which is continuing till now. With the exception of 1971, all our so called wars had been but "Communal Riots" with tanks, guns and soldiers, further manged by willy and scheming Brits and the Yankees. Even now they have not improved and chnged much as it still fetches them millions

We too have noyt chnaged much. Our defense budgeting, force structures, posturing and military capabilities are centered around contesting the "Communal Riot" internally and externally. We have not improved much in spite of having been solidly kicked by China. Even after 1962, majority of "Communal Riot Experts" including in Defense Establishment feel Himalayas will keep saving India from the Dragon."Ye Hai Bharat Ka Uncha Bhal". In 21st century, when the competition has gone to Moon, they still believe in Himalaya. One has to then pity them..In spite of 1962, they have not learnt that wars are fought to gain political aims and not necessarily for holding territories. India can not afford to loos second round and run down to Tajpur..

On the startegic side, our establishment needs to work toward solid dependencies like that existing between Thimpu and Delhi. The road to "Economic Prosperity" in South Asia lies via Delhi. The choice is not much. Either all of these guys, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Islamabad integrate with Indian economy or they will keep indulging in Communal Riots only. If not by incentives then by coersion it needs to be achieved. Therefore, I agree with the thought that Pakies need to be given some rescue doles.

Unfortunately that is only a brilliant but idealistic idea and ignores many realities. Therefore, India must develop their capabilities of "elite Control" as also "Population Control" in all these countries with later measures given more prominence. India has to develop capabilities to put their ass on fire rather than allow them trigger blasts in Delhi with impunity. Elites in all these places must know that one blast in Delhi would mean Hundred in Dhaka or Lahore.

Militarily, we must graduate from conducting massed communal riots to great punitive surgical strike with Capabilities to wave wars that can not be endured and sustained by others. That is dicate of India's Geo Political realities.

We must not blindly follow the Americans strategy of "Alliances of elites with US interest". That is good for plunder and business profits not for dealing with neighbors. For neighbor we must concurrently have capabilities to put their backsides on fire as also engineer social changes.

India needs capabilities to simultaneously wage wars on all fronts including domestic fronts and not do "Riot Controlling" by CRPF and "Communal Riot" fighting by Army on the borders.

The lessons are pretty clear ...wars should be fought beyond Kabul...In Islamabad, In Chittagong, Dhaka, Inside Myanmar, inside Tibet and not at Kargil...The mimdset need to change. Cahnges in satus is the answaer rather than status quo.

All the three Armed Forces must be provided these capabilities beside all other agencies...and it is high time Armed Forces rise above "communal Rioting"..

Anonymous said...

@ Daer Chandrabhan. Ji.
Are you Parthsarthy or his follower.????

Good Staregic grasp..the Chinese game "Go" based on Chankya encirclement can be countered by another Indian game called "Chess"..


chandrabhan said...

My friend,
I am niether Parthsarthy nor his follower. I have not heard/read him much. I am a keen student of history and most of my family has served in Defence forces - 3rd generation now.

I have done some work on scenario building in the past and these are some of the thoughts we had at that time.

Time for Panda bashing will come, there is still time. Before that we need to get rid of Commies, Dhoti roys and barkha dutt type pseudo -secularists who take great pride in India bashing. we are still 4-5 years away in infrastructure and modernisation. Moreover we need to make ourselves indipensible for the global powers to be ( G8 and all) by our economic might. This financial meltdown is an opportunity for us as China has increased almost $513 bn in forex reserves during the past month. They hold around $2.1 trillion US bonds and have American economy by balls. Amirkhans have suddenly woken upto the fear of chineese waging a economic war by dumping $ in favour of other currency will bring them to knees. Sorry force them to grovel on floor for next 10-15 years. That's why the nuclear deal as a precursor. This financial meltdown is an opportunity to reshape the world economy and reset allainces.

It will be a new world and Amirkhans tightening belt will mean reducing their dependence on cheap chinese goods , thus increasing domestic production and reducing budget surplus. There are intersting times and we must watch and play only when it suits us.

As of now we must dole out some $2.5-3 bn to Pakistan and subject the money to monitoring by spending in infrastructure along favoured tribal areas ( Durranis and baluchistan).

Enjoy the ride... It is going to be beneficial to us eventually

Mr.White said...

GOTCHA... Good news for people who asked for photos of INS Vikramadithya in dry dock.
Got a link which shows some photos of it in shipyard. Check out my blog for the link.
Some 178 photos taken in a high resolution camera is not ennough for you?? :-)
Check it out

MR.LL said...

good shiv. pls make more articles dissing pakistan. everyime i read such articles i get so excited that my penis erects. thanks for giving me the 1st erection for the week.

Pakistan go die!!

Anonymous said...

Scenario Building

Pakistan Goes Economically Bust.

Will Bangladeshi Polulation in Delhi be replaced by the Pakjabies and Sindhies.

Will then there be Compition between poor Sarkies, Gujjars and Jats of Paistan with Bangladeshies to find jobs in the construction projects?

Will Gurkha Guards be replaced by Durrani Guards and tall athans with Bazzokas apper out side Banks in Delhi?

Will Tagores Kabuliwala again be seen in Calcutta?

Will the elite IAS Babunies be seen flouting original crafty Tangail and Dhaka saries?( They all have four five Bangladeshi Aayaas all know?

Will Assam cease to exist with Assamese there?

Will Maities form Independent Army Composed of Tanghkhuls and other Naga tribes and capture large chunk of the Burmese vally to have their own Raj??

Will Pakistanies rob the Kashmir vally as a historic necessity and take back with interest what their Genrals pumped in there??

Will Tibbet rise again with discovery od "Shumbala"?

Anonymous said...

15 Pak soldiers killed in Taliban attack
Mingora: At least 15 soldiers belonging to the Frontier Constabulary (FC) and five Taliban were killed in Kabal tehsil of Swat.

The FC troops had gone missing after a fight with Taliban that broke out last evening after a roadside bomb targeted a paramilitary convoy in the Sarsenai area. “After the exchange of fire that lasted for several hours, more than 20 troops went missing but today we found 15 dead bodies at the site,” Noor Rehman, a police officer in Kabal, said.

Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan also confirmed that as many as 15 FC personnel and five Taliban were killed in the fighting, reported the Daily Times.

Swat police chief Dilawar Bangash said an injured Taliban commander, identified as Sardar Ali, had been arrested.

Unidentified men killed FC Hawaldar Nawab Shehzad in Kanjoo, and a police constable was abducted from Char Bazaar in Charbagh tehsil.

In Bajaur, security forces backed by helicopter gunships and jet fighters targeted suspected Taliban hideouts in the Nawagai and Mamond tehsils killing more than 12 Taliban and injuring 10. Several Taliban dens in the Charmang, Chinar and Zorbandar areas of the agency were destroyed, FC men told Daily Times.

In another incident, a Salarzai tribal militia burnt 12 houses on Wednesday, which, they said, belonged to Taliban commanders. The houses were located in the Banda and Ghundai areas of Salarzai tehsil.

Two Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) men were killed in a clash with security forces in Khyber Agency on Wednesday, when they were stopped at the BC-1 checkpoint while on their way from Jamrud to Bara tehsil. Two children passing by were also killed in the crossfire.

Source: ANI

MSN Special: News from Pakistan

rehana said...

yes pakistan is getting money to let america kill their own people, and USA is ignoring that pakistan is using this money to make atom bombs.