Monday, November 03, 2008

Coming up...

Coming up later today, some exclusive truly delectable photographs of the weaponised ALH Dhruv (ALH Dhruv-WSI). You don't want to miss these!

Also coming up tomorrow, exclusive photographs of the LCA Tejas that was stopped from flying in front of the Defence Minister because of thunder-showers, plus some seriously ravishing shots of the IJT Sitara, NAL Saras and the HAL-built Hawk.


Anonymous said...

chiriya bole kut kut kut
mujhe de do, do biskoot
bhookh lagi, khaoongi
kha kar phir so jaaongi

doodh malai rakhi hai,
par usmein to makkhi hai

chalo aaj bhookhi hi so jaaoongi.

I am an engine , puf, puf, puf

Anonymous said...

Can't wait, Shiv .