Photos: Indian Navy prays for INS Vikramaditya (last resort!)

The Sevmash shipyard's publicist Anastasia Nikitinskaya writes about a function at the shipyard yesterday. Hilarious language: 

The Indians asked God for happy fortune for the aircraft-carrier which is soon going to be launched. One of the most important stages of repair and re-equipment of
Vikramaditya cruiser (former Admiral Gorshkov) is coming to the end. The Sevmash specialists are getting ready to undock the ship, all the works required already finished. The representatives of the Indian Navy WOT, held a ceremony before the operation starts, with prayers offered up to Lord Ganesha. It is the first time for Sevmash: lamps, fragrant sticks, fruit and flowers were put near the Ship, for Ganesha to be gracious to the aircraft carrier and to those serving onboard. Instead of the traditional bottle of champagne, a coconut was broken against the ship board, and all the guests were treated with fruits.

"We hope that this beautiful and reliable ship will serve for a long time for the greater glory of friendship between Russia and India," said Sevmash Director General Nikolay Kalistratov. "But in the first place our leaders are to come to an agreement and find the means to carry the work to its conclusion." The Ship is getting ready for launching, and in the picture which was given to the Indian colleagues as a keepsake the aircraft-carrier is already furrowing the seas.

That last comment by the Sevmash Director is hilarious. Trust the Russians to be all sombre and ironic even at a felicitation ritual! Some nerve. Oh well, here's hoping the coconut does its job.

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