Monday, November 03, 2008

PLA Navy chief in Delhi

PLA Navy Admiral Wu Shengli visits Delhi. Seen here with Indian Navy chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta.


Anonymous said...

Who is Tirkey in MoD? Is he Manna Tirkey, who was a volleyball player in school. If he is the same then he was my senior in school!

Or is he Manna Tirkey's brother, younger or elder?

What's his full name? But how come he became a bureaucrat. He was never good in studies. In fact he barely managed to pass. There is one true incident about him, when he was in 9th or 10th standard. In one of the internal exams, there was an essay to be written about the maximum population in the world in China and India coming next. Something about the most populous country in the world.

This Tirkey wrote , "China bada bhai hai aur India uska chota bhai hai."

He actually wrote this and this became the talk of the school. I was in 4th or 5th standard, and we were primary section students, even then we heard and laughed and made fun of our seniors and thier stupid common sense.

Anonymous said...

the person on the right looks eqally chineses as the person on the left, except probably the eyebrows....... Bhichde hue bhai toh nahi hai? anyways they might end up taking up each other's life.........

Anonymous said...

One of those rare occasions where a chinese is taller than an indian.

An average Chinese would mostly be elder to an average Indian due to their one-child-policy. So Tirkley was right, atleast in terms of age..

Anonymous said...

Look: A no medal Admiral.