Photos: K-15 programme's Shourya test-fired

A successful land-configured launch under DRDO's K-15 SLBM programme took place today as DRDO today conducted a test of what it described as a "new state-of-the-art canisterised surface-to-surface missile" Shourya with a range of 650-km. Sources however have said that the land-configured test was a continuation of the previous four tests from underwater stabilised launchers conducted over 2007 and this year.

The DRDO has termed as "successful" the flight-test of the missile system from the Interim Test Range (ITR) at Balasore in Orissa at 11.25 this morning. DRDO indicated in a statement that "this developmental flight trial of the Shourya missile system is a part of the ongoing technology development work undertaken by the DRDO." In other words, the classified K-15 submarine launched ballistic missile programme which DRDO cannot talk about, which is why the recent underwater tests from underwater pontoon-stabilised launchers were not publicised.

According to DRDO, "The Shourya missile has a unique feature of simplicity of operation and maintenance. It can be easily handled, transported and stored within the canister for longer shelf life [a la SLBM]. The high manoeuvrability of the missile makes it less vulnerable to available anti-missile defence systems."

Congratulations to the entire K-15 team!

Photos Courtesy DRDO

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