Friday, October 31, 2008

Will they, won't they?

The Defence Minister and Navy Chief were both surprisingly non-committal on whether a final decision had been taken on the Pay Commission core demands. Hopefully this means the Prime Minister will make some sort of announcement tomorrow at the Combined Commanders Conference. A lot of hopes riding on that speech. Symoblically also the last chance for the government.


Eric Jose said...

hi shiv,
can u write an article on CAG telling the NAL to abandon the 70 seater transport project, because of its inability to capitalise on the Saras and Hansa project. and on CAG's report on IAFs faulty short term pilot training program.

And also shiv can you tell where one can find these CAG reports on the net.
Thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Any idea on what time is the PM addressing commanders?

Anonymous said...

the PM began addressing the commanders shortly after a photo-op at South Block at 10AM.

Anonymous said...

Narasimha Rao is reported to have said "take your time and the problem will go away on its own."

PM was his Fin Min.


Anonymous said...

its very disheartening that after your very vocal support in the very start there has been no follow up report neither in the blog nor on the channel suppose that there is no sensation left in the pay fiasco or it has just lost your interest please follow up and see for your self how the nefarious designs of the god only knows who and why is succeeding