Friday, December 19, 2008

EXCLUSIVE Photos: India's Shourya missile test Part 2

Photos Courtesy DRDO


World well wisher said...

Any info, Why Indian defence forum, Bharat-Rakshak are down? It seems they are under DoS attack.

Raghav said...

the launch looks beautiful. wish there was a video of the launch. shiv do you have any?

Anonymous said...

I also think same. It was obvious after one unknown Indian waved Tri-Color on PDF. PDF did recovered some day ago but again already on the way to receive similar again in few days. War is on!

saurabh said...

The launch sequence of this missile are same as Brahmos(Yakhont/p-300 oniks). Looks like DRDO is trying to do what it does best..
1)Buy foreign equipment
2)Make minor changes and tell the nation that it has developed it.
3)Inflate the price to make a healthy 30% profit.

NJS said...

should need to complete the trails as soon drdo can.