Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Photos: Images from Mumbai

Photo 1: One of the only signs in Mumbai that had no political affiliation, and one of only two that I saw which included Maj Unnikrishnan's name along with the three slain police officers.

Photo 2: Macchimar Nagar -- the exact point where the terrorists landed in Mumbai.

Photo 3: Rapid Action Force constables on Marine Drive outside the Oberoi, 28/11.

Photo 4: Me and Headlines Today associate editor Gaurav Sawant with a commando from the NSG's 51 Special Action Group following the Nariman House operation.

All Photos by Shiv Aroor / LiveFist


Anonymous said...

Vivid description after the tornado of terror.
Will welcome if update on 6CPC is now posted. Hope there are no gags from anywhere!!

Rohit Nyss said...

Phew! Finally some pics without blood and gore and the carnage of the mumbai attacks.

Ofcourse that doesn't take away from the fact that it happened. But the last week has been an assault on the eyes and sensibilities across media.

Shiv, glad to see you smiling. I guess jubilant with the victorious commando next to you, celebrating one battle won against the terrorists in the global war being waged against terrorism.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures Shivoo..
Great use of the NEW camera

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for not publishing my comment. I can understand now the GAG.
Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Shiv, cann u come up with an article on Ashok Chaturvedi. Should be an interesting topic for reasons well known and reported.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiv...
i am made to understand that our dear policy makers use armed forces as......because when it comes to sacrifice armed forces are called and when there is to give remuneration..our dear beaurocrats takes it all. But i owe to our armed forces who even after facing all the sixth pay commission drama, are still highly motivated for the nation. This is highly commendable but it doesnt mean that government should forget the anomalies.

May be you can remind them as u need to take up the issue again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiv,
what is latest on 6th pay commission anamolies for defence forces.Where is Group of Ministers,are they alive(to the prolems of armd forces) or gone into hibernation due to Mumbai attacks.It would be nice if you update us on latest happenings on 6th CPC.

mirza said...

who is this man with pistol. why he is carrying like this in open?

Anonymous said...

Who is that handsome guy with two hacks?

Is he married?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.24
Please understand the GAG.No one is bothered about 6cpc.Fauzis can only obey and not ask for anything, not even their legitimate entitlements.They can be kicked by any one.
Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

come on guys and gals (if any) its high time to stop the rhetoric and move to the polling booths .... i mean how many of us (the so called elite and educated and the middle class) actually go to vote? (hint: less than 20%?) you want to change, change yourself first and those around you. Route out corruption at grassroots, remove the system of paying bribe even to the nukkad havildar for overlooking your speeding ticket, stop stealing electricity, close all avenues for payment of bribes, change yourself and then you can change this nation. What use calling foul over politicians? How many of them are educated? and how many of them really care?

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiv , thanks for publishing my thoughts, Following is the corrected version , kindly replace iT IF possible

Dear all,

With due regards to all concerned parties Namely The Electronic media, the Navy, R&AW and the Police, I have the following points to share with you.

There are two very important questions raised, by the electronic media, in the recent past ,
One is that Why no terrorist attack took place in USA after Sept.11 and why India is being subjected to such attacks repeatedly?
The other is, in response to Indian Navy's stand that there was no actionable intelligence made available to them - Defining the Actionable intelligence in their own myopic way, the R&AW supported by media states that if exact date, time & place was known, then two policemen could have gone & arrested the terrorists, where was the need for the mighty Indian Navy.
On the face value these two remarks seems logical and have left one speechless when confronted to, but a little application of common sense reveals that how naive these questions are.

The answer to the first question lies in the basic skin & cultural difference of the continents involved. Mostly a Pakistani or an Indian, or an Orientals dressed like an American or a European can be differentiated on face value, without going through their passports. Armed with this basic difference between the so called terrorists from the other continent, America or the European countries have the advantage of focusing only on thirty percent of the population, visiting or staying with them from the other continent, in order to keep track of the terrorists. Even though they have no past experience of terrorism. Lessons are learnt in the first time itself and communities involved brought under a magnifying scanner and will remain so till these communities prove worthy of trust. A job much easier than faced by the Indian Govt/IB/Security agencies.
Although Indian intelligence agencies, at times, based on the past patterns, also, try to reduce their focus from similar looking hundred percent of the Orientals to thirty percent. For which the politicians have to do lots of diplomatic explaining to the old and the young, innocent, enthusiastic and alert Indian Media. Who needs to be reminded, at times, about the common country's interest.
The answer to the second question lies in understanding that Even five hundred commandos were considered inadequate when the exact date (26 Nov), time (9PM) and place (TAJ Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, CST) of handful of terrorists were known, not only to the security agencies, but to the whole Nation, on the Indian soil. Where were these two brave policemen, capable of capturing the terrorists based on such knowledge, the experienced R&AW and young electronic media was talking about, when running down there own Indian Navy & the Coast Guard. What does the young and the naive media (Guided by the real & hidden masters e.g. the Secretaries/ Beurocrats in the name of the politicians) expects when poses such questions not to the rulers of this country but to their instruments.

It is like blaming the Hand (The Security Agencies) for missing the target when the eyes (Informers, R&AW/IB) & the brain (The Govt) fail to perceive the target clearly.

Talks, Talks and endless talks.

Anonymous said...


Well honest take on your TV reporting style. Very very "Jihadi" . You need to tone it down, the delivery. It actually hurts the ears you know !

Very irresponsible TV coverage by all channels on the Mumbai attacks. You dont need police to tell you not to beam images that help the bad guys. remember the Lebanese embassy fiasco where exactly the same thing helped the bad boys ? I did see that feeble attempt to absolve yourself and your channel on Nariman house reporting. Very sad attempt at covering up. As a "Defence Analyst" you should know better what to broadcast and what not to.

I fully support the Government cap on these broadcasts in the future.

I watched Headlines today a bit from time to time. Gaurav and the other guy come up as rabble rousers, not as balanced comentators. Buggers keep interrupting and dont allow the other end to complete their sentence most times. Also, if the other end completes their sentence, they still keep parroting what they want to say and do not factor in / frame a better question.

Basically the Mumbai attack story is becoming a big joke on TV & print and, it is indeed sad to watch that happen.

Just the way Kargil where VP Malik & Vij should have been court martialed were able make it into a really sad joke "Vijay Diwas" one hopes 26/11 wont go the same way. But, given the fact that India did not do much after a Parliament attack, I doubt we will do any better now ( as a country) especially when you have corrupt politicians & bureaucrats who probably do more damage than all the bad guys put together, sinking ships, falling aircrafts and zero will to do anything remotely nuclear.


Anonymous said...

Not a single view on the Mumbai atttacks from the man on the street in Kashmir ?