Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remember our martyrs

Headlines Today will focus through the day on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. His final writings, his friends, his memories. Our channel's focus on the martyr is a tribute on Vijay Diwas to all of this country's martyrs who have fallen in duty.



Anonymous said...

Soldier was I born
Soldier shall I die
Whether I get Ijjat or
My due entitelements
I will not raise my voice
If I do I will be slapped
And denied what others keep grabbing

When do we hear of core issues of armed forces sorted? Hope these are not martyred.
Shivjee can we hear of the status on SCPC?
Jai Hind

IndianACE said...

Rest in Peace, Maj Unnikrishnan.

You make us proud to be wearing this uniform. May God give your family, the courage to bear this loss.

Jai Hind

prakash said...

Salute thy brave soul

Anonymous said...

we salute you brave. You have made the Goliaths of india look like pigmies. Kudos to the parents who born such a brave

Anonymous said...

My salute to the brave soldier...

As per Hindu religion, it is with great luck that one is born as Human being and even greater is the luck to be a soldier in the form of human and then sacrifice that greatest attachment or form called life being aware of it as a soldier..

Nothing is greater liberation than that...

That is what Krishna told Arjuna in Geeta....

Anonymous said...

I feel such a profound sense of gratitude and loss...and helplessness.

A patriot and role model. A true warrior who deserves AND WILL GET more that platitudes.

Going forward, the many whom he will inspire cannot be failed or relegated going forward.

His memory and life will be vindicated by the resolve of the will of his comrades and our people into making sure the NSG are given EVERYTHING they need to carryout their mission.

We will not forget. My prayers and thoughts are with his family and all who have perished protecting our dear Civilization.

I've never been more proud to proclaim Jai Hind in your honor.

Abhishek said...

Tears rolled out of eyes as i watched Major Unni's mom talking to her martyred son's body!! :(

May his soul rest in peace. We, the people, will never forget his sacrifice!!!

Anonymous said...

what is the reason that nobody likes a alive fauzi.
the whole country runs after a fauzi only when he is dead.
by the way it proves the fact earlier brought out by kerla chief minister.