Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Has she arrived?!

Mixed signals aplenty. Reports emerging about the Phalcon having landed in India, but everyone in the IAF, from the Chief to the Base Commander at Agra (50 Sqn will house the Phalcons) have claimed not to have a clue about the big bird's arrival. But hearts are already a flutter. Someone on the BRF forums says he saw a Phalcon taking off from the HAL airport in Bangalore this morning! I'm hoping all of these stories are true. Are we gonna see her fly on Republic Day?? Others say the first Phalcon is only expected in February. Let's wait till tomorrow.

Photo by Rami Mizrahi


Anonymous said...

why tomorrow..its not airforce presser but army presser tomorrow..how will you come to know tomorrow

Kannan,India said...

Well..with Islamic countries,commies and local nutjobs worked-up on Israel's shock and awe well-deserved treatment of Hamas, this is not perhaps the best time to brag about a "gem" from brother in arms Israel.
This news if announced will make Paki diplomats running to every Islamic country hyphenating India and Israel as "oppressors" or whatever..

Anonymous said...

The phalcon arrived. This was from a report by Sandeep Unnithan of India Today.

Col VT Venkatesh(retd) said...

You have made it a habit to promise & not deliver.(see your pay commission related promises)
Any how in this case some one seems to have beaten you to it

Anonymous said...

In the photo a refuelling probe is seen.Is flight endurance of IL 76 greater than U.S Herculies?

Anonymous said...

sandeep and Shiv are both mad....Phalcon has not come yet...my MoD source confirmed

Bobs said...

anoon @ 6:49
it has arrived.....check with the ground staff/dispatcher/service crew at palam for confirmation.....atleast first cross check with people in the know,before you blurt out blunders.

Anonymous said...

no its not arrived.... even the facilities for this is not ready at hosting base.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Keep it up!

vikram said...

for all you still confused types check out the google maps you can clearly make out that phalcons are based in agra and they have very much arrived