Thursday, January 29, 2009

Russia's "explosive" Peter the Great docks in India

The flagship of Russia's Northern Fleet, the nuclear-powered heavy missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky docked in Mormugao today. The magnificent, if troubled, warship will participate in an anti-piracy drill with the Indian Navy in the Gulf of Aden shortly. The ship took ten years to build because (that's right) the Russians didn't have the moolah to finish her once metal cutting had begun. Of course you won't see Karat and Co., or feverishly excited activists hit the streets in protest (a la Nimitz) against the Russian ship entering Indian waters, even though, by the admission of the Russian Navy chief himself five years ago, the Pyotr Veliky was junk and could blow up any second.


Anonymous said...


Dont act like a pro american.

So loose ur value by supporting those stinky yankees

Anonymous said...

the pyotr velikys problems were fixed

see :

aroor do some basic research

Anonymous said...

Good going. Did you receive your supari in dollars or rupees?

Shiv Aroor said...

read what i've written carefully you oafs. do some basic reading while pulling your welfare cheque! :)

Anonymous said...

@ Shiv

Hey shiv!! Nice reply to those fools!! :D

Mihir said...

Hotdamn! A Kirov class battle-cruiser (the erstwhile Yuri Andropov, I think) in India!

BTW, anyone noticed how just calling it a "Battle" cruiser makes it appear far more powerful than those wimpy cruisers, destroyers, and frigates? It's impossible to hear this name without picturing it steaming valiantly into battle and taking out half the enemy fleet. The only way they could make it more menacing? Call it a "battle fucking cruiser" and give it a name like Vlad the Impaler. B-)

More pictures, Shiv! Please!

style said...

So Anon,
Did u get your commission in Chinese yuan or Russian rubles???

Anonymous said...

what about granit and s300pmu,s400 missiles on it and can blow up any other ship

what i have come to know from all this that both shiv aroor and prasun k sengupta r pro amriki guys

isn't jalashva a junk

American agent said...

@anon 12:46am

junk jalashva was bought at junk prices..
like our other aircraft carriers..
so why complain..? Did americans put brand new sticker on it?

raj said...

And unlike anon's comrades, they dont keep increasing prices at whim.

Anonymous said...

The russian admiral's remarks reffered to above were found to be political. Its not always good to showcase our yankee-prem so blatantly! Hating Russia will do us no good.

NJS said...

Russia is willing to sell / support in all aspects , but india is not utilizing it . We need to co-produce these kind of ships with Nuclear warheads.