Gripens not coming!

It was with a heavy heart that it was revealed recently that Saab wouldn't be sending any Gripens to Aero India 2009. When you consider the reception they got in February 2007, it's a little bizarre that they chose not to bring a few back this year. The rationale was that they preferred to save the jets for the IAF's MMRCA flight evaluations (since ferrying a few fighters over from Sweden is a hugely expensive exercise). But still, memories of that delectable planform ripping big holes in the sultry Yelahanka sky are bound to linger. The feisty little fighter garnered a huge fan following from folks who knew nothing about the jet, and the people at Saab gleefully handed out heaps and heaps of lovely merchandise to all and sundry. Really wish the jets were coming back. They will be missed. Badly.

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