Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Photos: Aero India Day 1


Anonymous said...

good to see LCA there. I am very curious to know how LCA performed. Can anyone who was there tell me , was there any improvement in aerodynamics of LCA than before Aero show? thx

Tejaswy said...

F 18 hornet.

Nice...some how i get me a feeling that they are going to win this Bidding

Rahul Singh said...

Please come out with a complete LCA album.


madhusudhan said...

Well i had an opportunity to look at the LCA's display atop from my college which is right down from the Runway

1) very short take off .. immediately banked left and climbed to a loop

2) made lots of tight turns
3) low speed run and pulled into a loop directly
4)inverted pass on runway


Anonymous said...

inverted pass on runway? any pics of that?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

was LCA's angle attack better? can u give me a approximate MAX G's it might have pulled out? plus turn rate.